Last 3 Quotes


Heyy guys!

I am officially the absolute WORST at challenges. According to the rules, I was supposed to be done with this challenge by… Wednesday? Guess when I’m finishing it? FRIDAY.

Hm. Well, can’t go back in time now, can I? (I probably still wouldn’t do it but eh)

Oookay so these are the last 3 quotes I have for you guys:

  1. If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more.
    ~ Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

    Okay by this time y’all have probably figured out how much I love Cristina Yang. She is the best surgeon and so so focused and I just wanna be her so bad! Anyway this is probably one of the most sensible things ever said and I 100% agree with it. Stand up  for yourself and cut yourself some slack!
  2. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
    ~Joseph Chilron Pearce

    If you’re always worried about what people might say or if what YOU make is right or wrong, you’ll always stay confined to a very little imagination. Let yourself believe. Screw the right and wrong. How does it matter? You’re creating art and nobody can deem you wrong!
  3. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.
    ~Dennis P. Kimbro

    Well, to be honest this is the most legit quote ever. I cannot emphasize enough on it.

Yay I’m done!! I think this was fun! Now the one’s I nominate are:

  1. Ivy (She is the sweetest and most helpful blogger ever! She’s so supportive and approachable. You should go follow her because she deserves it and it makes your life better)
  2. Kitty (Awh sweetie thank you so much for being the best follower anyone could ask for!)
  3. Aanchal (Just because she’s such a brilliant blogger and totally deserves to be on this list)

Thank you so much TheLivingMe for nominating me! I know I’m terrible at this but at least I completed it!
Also, thank you guys so much for 200 followers(!!) I have no idea how I reached here and have no intention of stopping. Thank every one of you who take time to read my posts, like and comment on them. Your thoughts mean the world to me and I do hope you guys continue to be amazing!

~Going back to my perfect reverie


11 thoughts on “Last 3 Quotes

  1. [Found you at the Community Pool] Here’s a quote: “Better late then Never!” You could have shoved any old dusty quote down our throats, but you took the time to find quotes that have personality. By the way, I just finished all of Grey’s via Netflix, then did some research to get a peek at what’s next going forward. Christina may actually be welcomed back. After all, she didn’t die. She went off to make a difference elsewhere. Or rather, light a few fires under somebody’s butt elsewhere. Chuckle!

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