Marry You

You’re totally going to get married one day.

Oh yuck, no way. Marriage is stupid.

Agreed, but why do you say that?

Marriage is a weird concept. It’s the deepest oath, the most meaningful promise made by the world’s most fickle-minded race – humans. Continue reading “Marry You”


you’re my person

Dear best friend,

The first memory I have of us is pretty darn random. It’s me you and this other girl standing in a single file in first grade. We’re arguing about whose turn it is to stand in front because we were all the same height (at the time ugh).

The second most prominent memory I have is of me getting chased by your dog in your apartment. That was a traumatic experience, but I somehow ended up staying over for 3 days. I wore your clothes and shared your bed, and apparently we  took bath together.

Weird yeah, but these are the memories that stay with you forever. Continue reading “you’re my person”


There’s this place I call home. Its been a constant comfort to me for the past 11 years of my life. It welcomed me when I came from Singapore, it stayed with me when my parents got divorced and it remained when I shifted 3 houses in one year. It was the only thing I looked forward to when I broke up with my boyfriend and the only thing I thought about when my parents fought.

There’s this place I call home – My school Continue reading “HOME”

It’s You

It’s a party and people are getting drunk and high all at once. There are clouds of smoke in every room, drunken teenage boys trying to feel you up as you walk and strobe lights blinking down. The music is blaring and my friends are having the time of their lives. But I’m not. I’m looking for you.

It’s a party and there’s vodka and tequila everywhere. A couple is making out on the snooker table, someone is getting beat up and drinks are being downed. It’s a mess but my friends seem to love it. Not that I don’t wanna lose control of my mind completely by getting drunk. Its just that if I lose control of my mind, I lose the image of you which is keeping me alive and alert in this mess. Continue reading “It’s You”