Dear 2019, I just wanted to welcome you. Welcome to my life, the world’s messiest mess.

drift: a text conversation.

6/8/18 “Hey did you hear that new song?” 9/8/18 “Yeah!!! It’s so cute I love it” 12/10/18 “Hey did you see that video” 18/20/18 “Yeah!!!! It’s hilarious” 4/12/18 “Hey did you hear what he said about her?” 5/12/18 “Yeah!!!! It was super mean” 11/1/19 “Hey remember how we used to talk every day??” 13/1/19 “Yeah……

Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018 You were a very very very crappy year of my life. You sucked pretty much entirely. If I sum you up, there are probably 10 things I can mention every month that made me want to throw myself off a building. But, 2018, I held myself up, and somehow made the best of…

Dear love

I just wanted to say that… I know we’re not going to meet for a long time. I know I might be making too big of a deal of this. But I also know that I miss you when we have a long weekend and I don’t get to see you, or when we have…

thoughts in words

Tell me how’s it feel, sitting up there, Feeling so high but too far away to hold me You know I’m the one who put you up there, Name in the sky, does it ever get lonely? Thinking you could live without me Live without me

1 a.m thoughts (3.0)

Dear life, Why does everything that sucks Have to be permanent, And Everything that’s brilliant Have to be temporary?

hiatus over

Six months ago, I left this space I left it to Fix things with people Who mattered to me I left it to Concentrate on Real life things I left it to Have a change In my stupid monotonous life I left it to Find a little more Contentment and solace


Dear Readers, Due to a bunch of unfortunate events (that were mainly my fault), I will be taking an indefinitely long hiatus from this blog.


Who broke you so badly That you could never Get back to one piece? Who stole so much from you That you couldn’t ever Fly as you did before? Who took so much And yet couldn’t rob you Of your spirit?