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The season of firsts. The first cherry blossom, first blooming buds, first light showers of rain, and for me and you, the first page.

The season of beginning. Beginning of new life, new year and for me and you, the beginning of a new story.

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The season of  heat. Swimming pools and ice cream dates. Dancing in shorts around the kitchen at midnight in the dim glow of the refrigerator light.

The season of warmth. Warm hugs and little spoons. Holding hands and walking in the park. Picnics under the summer sun. Forehead kisses and making out.

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The season of change. Red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. Gusty winds and laughter. Jumping in piles of dried leaves together. Comfortable nights and watching movies. New outfits and new feelings.

The season of Fall. Fallen leaves and pumpkin spiced lattes. Scented candles and enchanting nights. Foggy mornings and a left over toothbrush. Falling deeper and deeper in love.

The season of cold. Howling winds and frozen paths. Shivering bodies and cold hearts. Icy words and wet tears. Leafless trees and sleepless nights.

The season of sorrow. Heartbreak and misery. Dark days and lone nights. Snowstorms and heartache. Blizzards and afflictions. Ice kissed windows and empty rooms. Barren feelings and impending doom.

~going back to my perfect reverie


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  1. Beautiful descriptions, beautiful photos, well done. 🙂

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  2. Ivy says:


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