Note To Self

“Would anybody realize if I disappeared?”

Is this a question you ask yourself often?
Well, I’d like for you to know that somebody will realize if you disappeared. People will realize and they will not be okay.

The dog you fed biscuits on the way to the bus stop will wonder why you didn’t show today. The bus conductor you apologized to for being late will miss your apology. The friend you always shared music with will wonder what to do in the bus without you. The little girl who gave you food will be upset when she sees you’re not there.

Your friends at school will always feel like something is missing. Your teachers will miss your arguments. Your principal will be surprised you didn’t get caught bunking and the librarian will miss your fitfully noisy laughter that disrupted the silence of the library.

And your best friend. Oh, your best friend will be crushed. She’ll miss the way you walked with her. She’ll miss how you always told her things first. She’ll miss the way your face lit up when you saw her. She’ll miss her best friend more than anyone.

Your mother will have nobody to scream at and your father will have nobody to spoil. Your brother will have no one to annoy and your little sister will have no one to look up to.

The boy living across the hall from you will miss seeing you in your pajamas. The boy having a crush on you will wonder where you went. Your ex will have no one to reminisce with and your boyfriend will have no one to make future plans with.

You ask yourself,Β “Would anybody realize if I disappeared?”.
The truth is they would. You make a difference in this world. Your absence will affect so many people in ways you wouldn’t be able to imagine. You’re importantΒ and no one can make you feel not so.Β Keep that in mind
And never, ever try to disappear.


73 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. Great and important message sent here!
    Alongside as you and I know that everyone’s existence is important we are challenged in making sure we act upon that thought.

    By that I mean, it’s our responsibility to show acts of kindness something as small as a “hello” to a stranger and smile accompanied with it. Or complimenting someone. You know, I think our society is so “ima do my own thing and focus on me” that we don’t really bother with being kind to others when there’s nothing that would have triggered it in the first place.

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  2. Writing to vent out one’s feelings through words is one thing; but writing to impact and inspire is another. This is extremely inspiring and just shows that when the flickering light of humanity does die away, there’ll always be that glimmer of hope-people who inspire, like you- around. Honestly, that was beautiful.

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    1. Wow your comment really really made my day. I’m glad you think I can inspire. My real name actually means inspiration, but I never looked into it to deeply, and thought “who on earth would ever be inspired by someone like ME?” thank you for your uplifting thoughts β™₯

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  3. Wow, this post of yours greatly defines my fear of being forgotten myself. Yeah, I may not be there but I shall be missed by the people who care about me. Your post feels me with a great hope for my existence and identity. Great work, dear word weaver. πŸ˜€

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      1. You really cannot call yourself a loner. In this huge world of over 7 billion people, we can’t expect all 7B people to know us, but those who do know us, and those who love us and care about us, they will suffer if we disappear πŸ™‚ you’re not a loner, you have people who love and care about you ❀

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    1. Just a neighbour. My neighbour’s son is the only guy ever (outside my family) who can see me in my worst state bc when I go out to pick up the milk, I don’t care how I look! We have a sort of bond this way I guess

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      1. Haha, I like to look at my followers/followings post if I just newly found them. Don’t worry, I’m done for now xD. And no problem!

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  4. Extremely touching and heartwrenching. Reminds me of a quote that has always stuck with me: Committing suicide doesn’t end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else. I agree with the quote, and with your post. Each of us, I believe, has made a difference in SOMEBODY’s life and each of us would be missed if we were to disappear.

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      1. Yes, you bring up a very valid point, and yet how can we judge the pain and suffering someone else is going through? We can say it’s selfish of someone to end their own life because that pain passes to their family members, but we can also say it’s selfish to want the person to continuing struggling with their life every single day because we don’t want anybody else to get hurt. Yet that person is hurting.

        What a thought-provoking post. This comment is mostly my Psychology background coming out xD Mental illness is fascinating and ofc, heartbreaking.

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      2. You can never judge the mind of a person thinking about suicide, but my point is that person shouldn’t ONLY think about ending their suffering. It’s all very complex haha. I’m glad my post could bring up this conversation! Mental illness is no joke, and yet its treated so by so many people. It’s a shame really.

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