Never Have I Ever

Lets play a game of never have I ever, shall we?

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My Sister’s Grave

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I stood in front of the gravestone and stared. This person was a part of my family. She had the same parents as me, similar DNA to me. If I ever needed a kidney transplant, she’d be the most viable option.

If she needed a kidney transplant, I would be the most viable option.

I didn’t know her. I’d never met her. She was gone before I had the chance too. I stood and stared at her grave, wondering what would have been if she were alive. I would have an older sister. She would have given me advice on boys and friends. She would have protected me. I would tell her all my problems. We’d take on the world together. I’d never be alone again.

But I am alone. 
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always remember…

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You don’t ever have to love someone enough for the both of you. Love needs to be shared. One person cannot love for two, while the other feels no love at all.

That’s cheating in the most simplest and basic of ways.

Don’t you ever love someone that much. It only destroys you.

~going back to my perfect reverie