Trapped No More

He feels trapped. Heck, he is trapped. He’s inside some kind of glass box and however hard he tries, he just can’t get out. He tries. He’s been trying for a long time now. A day? A month? He doesn’t know how long he’s been here, but all he wants to do is get out….

I Died To Live

It’s a chilly winter morning. I can’t feel anything, but that must be because I’m dead. I know this because I see the people wearing black cardigans and sweaters. Some are even wearing black long coats. It’s all black. I told them not to make it all black, but who ever listened to me? Oh…

A Fixed Gaze

Ten people talking to me. Few more are gathered around the group. About fifty more present in the hall. And still, my eyes flick right to you. My lips are moving in a slow mundane way in a boring conversation with people who don’t interest me, but my eyes follow you, follow your every move. You’re…

Last 3 Quotes

  Heyy guys! I am officially the absolute WORST at challenges. According to the rules, I was supposed to be done with this challenge by… Wednesday? Guess when I’m finishing it? FRIDAY. Hm. Well, can’t go back in time now, can I? (I probably still wouldn’t do it but eh) Oookay so these are the…

3 more quotes I love

Again, I thank  TheLivingMe for nominating me for the 3 Day Quote Challenge! Yes, I didn’t post yesterday and I’m supposed to post EVERYDAY for this challenge,  but meh. The Rules: 1.Thank the person that nominated you. 2. Post 1-3 quotes for consecutive(?) 3 days. 3. Nominate 3 other bloggers each day. Okay so my quotes for today:

3 Quotes Are Not Enough

  Heyy guys! So, its another challenge post (and totally not an excuse because I have NO stories to up at this moment). I was nominated by the lovely TheLivingMe for the 3 Day Quote Challenge! Its a pretty cool challenge actually, and I’m very excited to share my favourite quotes with y’all!

Best Friends (forever?)

How do two people become best friends? Its usually something innocent, something true and raw. How two best friends lose each other? That’s a little more complicated than innocence.

Just Hey.

“Hey.” It all began with a three letter word. A simple one syllable word that held so much feeling. Just one word that had taken more guts than any other thing she’d ever done.  She hadn’t known it would be the start of something new. She hadn’t known it was just the beginning of a…