She was so, so tired. Absolutely exhausted from living. Her brain hurt, her limbs ached and her heart throbbed. Every step of every day felt like climbing out of a pothole. Every gesture felt like lifting a mountain.

Living  was taking everything out of her. But she loved it. And that’s what came between him and her. 

“Why can’t you just take me?”
“You still love him. You have to let him go.”

And so she tried to stop living

She was spent. Completely drained of life. She was merely surviving. Getting through the motions of the day, putting one foot in front of the other.  Everything seemed a little less exhausting now.

Living had taken everything out of her, and she didn’t love him as much anymore. She tried asking him again

“I’m done. I’m ready now. I can come with you”
“No, I can still see your attachment to him.  Let him go”

She was so blindly in love with him, she did try to let him ago.
She let life go.

And when she finally did that, he took her.

He wanted all or nothing, and she wanted him.

He wanted trust, she wanted sanctuary.

“So if I jump, I’ll finally be with you?”
“Yes, my sweet. Jump, and we’ll be together.”
“I’m scared.”
“Don’t be, I’m right here.”

She closed her eyes. Thought about all the ways living had betrayed her,and just hoped death wouldn’t do the same. She can’t fall into a trap twice.

“Wait for me, okay?”
“See you on the other side, love”

She jumped.

Death had managed to capture another soul into his pit.



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