Kill Him.

The sound of the next big wave that breaks on shore would be hushed with the blinding sound of her gun’s bullet penetrating its way into her enemy’s heart. She smiled as she thought of it. It would be perfect.


imageIt was a cool night, with the waves happily lapping on the shore and the wind blowing pleasantly on the beach. She sat on one of the wooden stools in the shack-bar, enjoying an overly tropical drink, complete with the tiny paper umbrella and a sliced pineapple. It wasn’t usually her style, sitting alone in a shack at night, drinking the most colourful drink ever. Continue reading “Kill Him.”

This Is Forever.

4th grade, 10 girls, same production.

Each had their own friends, none were acquainted with all 8.
They chose a song to dance on, awkwardly shuffling next to each other as the teacher ordered them around. They wanted to be with their friends, but the positions were such that none were next to their friends. They were forced to spend weeks together, dancing and talking. Being barely 8 years old, they quickly got very comfortable around each other. Next thing you know, all 10 were invited to each other’s birthday parties.

They became inseparable. They believed in forever. Continue reading “This Is Forever.”

Who Are My People?


Who are my people?
The ones I met last year?
Or the ones who’ve been with me forever?

Who are my people?
The ones who bullshit with me?
Or the ones who take none of my bullshit?

Who are my people?
The ones with whom I fit in?
Or the ones with whom I stand out? Continue reading “Who Are My People?”

Bad Days Ugh.

Its Friday and I’m posting really late. I know. I’m sorry.

I don’t really have a story or a piece of fiction writing today actually. So I’m just going to tell you about my day.

I didn’t have the best day today. Well who am I kidding really? I had a terrible day. School was bad, home was bad, the TT court was bad. Basically today I found everything and everyone a tad bit more annoying than usual. Continue reading “Bad Days Ugh.”

Today Has Been Okay.


11:56 PM, Tuesday

It was dark and chilly outside. Above her lay the magnificent sky, dotted with stars and shining dimly in the moonlight. Below her was the sea, splashing against the rocks in high tide. She stood on the edge of the cliff, taking in the endless darkness in front of her. The day was coming to an end, and she thought that it had been good.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Today had been okay. Continue reading “Today Has Been Okay.”

Being Different

She was different and she loved it.

being different.jpg

She was different. She was strange. In a world full of people who worked like parts of one big machine, she was an unmatched screw. In a room full of fused bulbs, she was the one that gave light. In a line of disciplined ants, she was that one ant which went the wrong way. No one followed her. She walked alone on a path she made for herself.

She was different. Continue reading “Being Different”