I want to be wine
That gets better with age
But we’re Odomos,
Come with an expiry date

I want to be jam
That never gets old
But we’re bread,
“Consume while still good”
I want to be soft kisses
Right before we fall asleep
But we’re rough, hands everywhere
Because we might not have tomorrow
I want to be your home
The one you’ll always come back to
But we’re a ticking clock
How much time’s left, again?
I want to be forever
The best love you’ll ever get
But we’re just a tiny infinity,
Just your first love who you’ll soon forget
(Happy One Year, Boy)

7 thoughts on “TRANSIENT

  1. Odomos…works up to two years beyond expiry. Tried and tested.
    (WARNING: The author of this comment is no expert on such products.Do not misuse ANYTHING at her/his instructions.)
    Also, bread can always be consumed. Just ask Rhizopus.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t have given you that line if I didn’t have a counter… you and Math are nice to watch together; I need ways to keep my entertainment eternal. Now pull yourself together and write something nice and heartwarming.

        Liked by 1 person

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