Who broke you so badly

That you could never

Get back to one piece?

Who stole so much from you

That you couldn’t ever

Fly as you did before?

Who took so much

And yet couldn’t rob you

Of your spirit? Continue reading “Flightless”



Hey!!! I’m Ebe, Rev’s best friend. It’s nice to meet you! I’d like to say that this collab had been in the works for like ages. And now it’s finally happening and I couldn’t be more excited!!

I like to think I know Rev pretty well, what with her whole table phase and Maroon 5.
(You got to listen to a ton of good music don’t complain) And with this supposedly good enough knowledge, we’re going to do the “How Well Do We Know Each Other Challenge.” So basically what we do is, we’ve come up with a few questions and we’re going to answer them about each other and we’re gonna compare our answers to the correct answers which are going to be typed just below it. My answers are going to be in the normal font and hers are going to be in italics. Here goes!!  Continue reading “HI, IT’S ME, EBE! “

Finding Love

There was this really beautiful line I heard in some movie. It said –
Love isn’t something that somebody gives you. It’s something that you find.

Everyone wants love. And everyone waits for someone to hand it over to them. But when you say you’ve got to find it, the whole search for love becomes quite simpler. Continue reading “Finding Love”