Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

You were a very very very crappy year of my life. You sucked pretty much entirely. If I sum you up, there are probably 10 things I can mention every month that made me want to throw myself off a building. But, 2018, I held myself up, and somehow made the best of it. And that is the strength you gave me.
So instead of just ranting on about how you sucked, I’ll credit you with one nice thing you did for me every month too, and bid you farewell without any hate. Continue reading “Goodbye 2018”


Dear love

I just wanted to say that…

I know we’re not going to meet for a long time. I know I might be making too big of a deal of this. But I also know that I miss you when we have a long weekend and I don’t get to see you, or when we have 1 week of Diwali break.

And I know that I’ll miss seeing you standing against the railing in assembly and thinking – “He’s here, it’ll be a nice day”.
I’ll miss being with you for a whole period, or meeting you for a while in lunch or for five minutes before class or even just seeing you walk past my class.
I’ll miss meeting you, and I’ll miss seeing you.
And I know we’ll talk every day, and try to make the most of we have, but I’ll still miss you so so so much.

I can’t wait for the time we’ll get to meet each other super often again,  and I know that when we do meet all the time again, it will be so worth the wait.

I really do love you

~your girl ❤




hiatus over

Six months ago, I left this space

I left it to

Fix things with people

Who mattered to me

I left it to

Concentrate on

Real life things

I left it to

Have a change

In my stupid monotonous life

I left it to

Find a little more

Contentment and solace

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