She saw him from the other side of the hallway. His shoulders were slightly slumped as usual, but he carried a fake aura of happiness. He smiled and waved at all his friends, evidently not seeing her. She was the only one who truly saw him, but he never saw her anymore. He didn’t see her because he lived in a blue-grey world, where she was the only color, and his eyes couldn’t seem to adjust to that. Continue reading “COLORS”



words that will always stay on my lips.


You said it in a simple, nonchalant way. Like it didn’t matter, like it didn’t affect us, like you weren’t going half way across the world.
You told me that they had accepted your application to transfer to New York for an apprenticeship under the very best artists. I knew how much you wanted that apprenticeship, but I hadn’t known you were applying.

Did I even know you at all? Continue reading “UNWRITTEN”