Dear love

I just wanted to say that…

I know we’re not going to meet for a long time. I know I might be making too big of a deal of this. But I also know that I miss you when we have a long weekend and I don’t get to see you, or when we have 1 week of Diwali break.

And I know that I’ll miss seeing you standing against the railing in assembly and thinking – “He’s here, it’ll be a nice day”.
I’ll miss being with you for a whole period, or meeting you for a while in lunch or for five minutes before class or even just seeing you walk past my class.
I’ll miss meeting you, and I’ll miss seeing you.
And I know we’ll talk every day, and try to make the most of we have, but I’ll still miss you so so so much.

I can’t wait for the time we’ll get to meet each other super often again,  and I know that when we do meet all the time again, it will be so worth the wait.

I really do love you

~your girl ❤





1 a.m thoughts (2.0)

​Its 12:56 a.m. and all I can think about is you. Your voice, your words, your hands, you. Let me sleep, God dammit.

When did I become this obsessed with you, huh? 

The excitement I get when I see your text notification is nothing compared to the disappointment I feel when the text says – “can’t talk right now, sorry.”

When did the dread of you inevitably leaving begin to outweigh the joy of you unexpectedly being here?  Continue reading “1 a.m thoughts (2.0)”

A future break up

Dear future ex
I’ll be honest, despite continuously talking about our then-future-breakup, I was never actually prepared for the wave of pain that would come along with actually breaking up. I think the reason it hurts so much is because even though I went on and on about eventually breaking up, I didn’t, for a second, completely believe it myself. I didn’t want to believe it myself. Continue reading “A future break up”