1 a.m thoughts (3.0)

Dear life,

Why does everything that sucks

Have to be permanent,


Everything that’s brilliant

Have to be temporary?


the wound never really closes 


Dear Happy,

It’s been two years.

Two years since you left this world to hopefully reach something bigger and better. Two years since you left all of us to rot here, alone and without the positivity that you always emitted. Continue reading “the wound never really closes “


It would be extremely ironic if someone unfollows me while I’m typing this.

So, I reached a 100 followers. 100 people have read my blog and found it worthy enough to actually click that follow button. Thank you so so much to every one of you. I started blogging not for the followers, but just to have somewhere to put up my work. To see that that goal has brought me here to 100 followers is honestly crazy.

Continue reading “100 followers?!?!”