Marry You

You’re totally going to get married one day. Oh yuck, no way. Marriage is stupid. Agreed, but why do you say that? Marriage is a weird concept. It’s the deepest oath, the most meaningful promise made by the world’s most fickle-minded race – humans.


You don’t see what I see

you’re my person

Dear best friend, The first memory I have of us is pretty darn random. It’s me you and this other girl standing in a single file in first grade. We’re arguing about whose turn it is to stand in front because we were all the same height (at the time ugh). The second most prominent…


There’s this place I call home. Its been a constant comfort to me for the past 11 years of my life. It welcomed me when I came from Singapore, it stayed with me when my parents got divorced and it remained when I shifted 3 houses in one year. It was the only thing I looked…

It’s You

It’s a party and people are getting drunk and high all at once. There are clouds of smoke in every room, drunken teenage boys trying to feel you up as you walk and strobe lights blinking down. The music is blaring and my friends are having the time of their lives. But I’m not. I’m…


The two intellectuals gazed across the sea of ignoramuses that belonged to their species. One dug out the world’s oldest children from their graves; One sucked on the reserve of seeped underground tears Mother Earth has shed; One poked holes into our planet’s cool blanket; While one threw poison into the earth’s transparent blood.

Girl At Home

She saw him coming towards her and for a second she was confused. She looked around but his girlfriend was nowhere in sight. She looked back at him and all of a sudden, he was close enough for her to touch. He smiled sheepishly at her and she realized what was happening much too late….


Dear future me, Hi hey hello How are you? How are you doing? I hope you’re good I hope you’re happy I have so many questions, So many aspirations, So many expectations And so much hope That you’re happy Are you doing what you love? Are you loving what you do? Are you looking forward…

Make Me Believe

You were in college, working part time at a cafe. A blue-eyed, small town boy with big ambitions and the determination to never look back. I was a flight risk, afraid of the slightest discomfort, the smallest fights and a huge fear of falling. I always wondered why anyone ever bothered with love if it never…

Bloggers Appreciation Post

Merry Christmas all of you amazing bloggers! There are so many of you out there who are exceptionally talented, and I feel like I NEED to write something to credit you guys. I’ve been tagged in so many similar posts from all of you,  and I just have  to return the favour.

1 a.m. thoughts

“A simple complication, miscommunication, leads to fall out.” Story Of Us by Taylor Swift is blaring in my ears. I can’t seem to fall asleep. I think I know why too. Did I do the right thing? I don’t think I did. No no no what have I done?