Keep Breathing

All that I know is I’m breathing

All I can do is keep breathing

All we can do is keep breathing, now

~ Ingrid Michaelson


1 a.m thoughts (2.0)

​Its 12:56 a.m. and all I can think about is you. Your voice, your words, your hands, you. Let me sleep, God dammit.

When did I become this obsessed with you, huh? 

The excitement I get when I see your text notification is nothing compared to the disappointment I feel when the text says – “can’t talk right now, sorry.”

When did the dread of you inevitably leaving begin to outweigh the joy of you unexpectedly being here?  Continue reading “1 a.m thoughts (2.0)”

1 mistake 2 hearts break

She wasn’t in love with HIM, she was in love with the IDEA OF HIM, and that’s what hurt her the most.

He felt filthy. He felt dirty. He felt his worth fall all the way down to his feet. He couldn’t help himself. They had fought, he had run to the closest bar, picked up a girl out of habit, and done the thing he could never undo.

“Out of habit”

He couldn’t believe he had just thought that! It wasn’t his habit, not anymore…
As if the hangover and guilt weren’t enough his brain decided to replay yesterday’s events.

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