we can hurt together

You don’t need to hide from me, I’ve probably seen it myself; I can help, or I could simply listen, I will be there. Advertisements


“Calm down, everything will be fine” Nothing’s ever going to be okay. My life is destroyed “Don’t be so hard on yourself It isn’t your fault” Are you joking? It’s all my fault


There’s this place I call home. Its been a constant comfort to me for the past 11 years of my life. It welcomed me when I came from Singapore, it stayed with me when my parents got divorced and it remained when I shifted 3 houses in one year. It was the only thing I looked…

1 a.m. thoughts

“A simple complication, miscommunication, leads to fall out.” Story Of Us by Taylor Swift is blaring in my ears. I can’t seem to fall asleep. I think I know why too. Did I do the right thing? I don’t think I did. No no no what have I done?

always remember…

You don’t ever have to love someone enough for the both of you. Love needs to be shared. One person cannot love for two, while the other feels no love at all. That’s cheating in the most simplest and basic of ways. Don’t you ever love someone that much. It only destroys you. ~going back to…


Fighting. It was something she’d gotten used to doing. Almost like a habit. She wouldn’t pick fights with everyone and for every reason though. She’d pick fights with only those who mattered about things that mattered. She mattered, and so she fought.

I Died To Live

It’s a chilly winter morning. I can’t feel anything, but that must be because I’m dead. I know this because I see the people wearing black cardigans and sweaters. Some are even wearing black long coats. It’s all black. I told them not to make it all black, but who ever listened to me? Oh…

Best Friends (forever?)

How do two people become best friends? Its usually something innocent, something true and raw. How two best friends lose each other? That’s a little more complicated than innocence.

This Is Forever.

4th grade, 10 girls, same production. Each had their own friends, none were acquainted with all 8. They chose a song to dance on, awkwardly shuffling next to each other as the teacher ordered them around. They wanted to be with their friends, but the positions were such that none were next to their friends. They were…

Who Are My People?

Who are my people? The ones I met last year? Or the ones who’ve been with me forever? Who are my people? The ones who bullshit with me? Or the ones who take none of my bullshit? Who are my people? The ones with whom I fit in? Or the ones with whom I stand…

NEVER EVER take sides

Don’t you absolutely HATE it when your friend takes sides?
I do. It’s terrible and completely unfair.
Piece of advice: NEVER EVER take sides between two friends. It destroys the friendship forever