This Ain’t A Fairytale

She stood frozen to her spot on the floor as she heard his voice on the phone. He sounded weak, unsure and a little bit afraid.
“Do you love me?” he asked quietly.
She looked at her feet and gulped. Did she love him?
She took a deep breath before answering. 
He smiled from the other end of the line. He felt a little hopeful now.
“Will you give me another chance?”
She let her breath out but didn’t say anything.
Could she give him another chance? Continue reading “This Ain’t A Fairytale”



AUTHOR’S NOTE: STOP! Okay before you read this, you should know this is sort of a sequel to something I wrote earlier. Do check that out before reading this to understand fully.Okay I think my note is done? Well, you can read it now I guess.

It’s been years since I last saw you. I still remember how you left suddenly. You promised you’d be back. You promised you wouldn’t leave me hanging. You promised so many things for both of us, then why did I get an invitation to your wedding today? Continue reading “PROMISE”

Fading Away…

I’m posting one day late. Why? you may ask.
Because school is a murderer. A vicious, terrible, unforgiving murderer

Right now I’m living in a dream. Where nothing is real, I know, but I cant help but wish and hope that it was. Everything’s so perfect here. We’re living in a bubble of happiness. You’re right next to me at all times. I love you, and you love me. Nothing’s broken, everything’s flawless. We’re burning so bright; it hurts other people’s eyes.

But as I slip back into reality, it all starts to fade away. You start to fade away, with my heart in your hand.

Another jerk and you’re gone. It all seems so unreal now. Was it ever real? Did I imagine everything? Were you ever here?

If you were, then where are you now? Continue reading “Fading Away…”

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