the wound never really closes 


Dear Happy,

It’s been two years.

Two years since you left this world to hopefully reach something bigger and better. Two years since you left all of us to rot here, alone and without the positivity that you always emitted. Continue reading “the wound never really closes “



She was so, so tired. Absolutely exhausted from living. Her brain hurt, her limbs ached and her heart throbbed. Every step of every day felt like climbing out of a pothole. Every gesture felt like lifting a mountain.

Living  was taking everything out of her. But she loved it. And that’s what came between him and her.  Continue reading “SANCTUARY”

the sun doesn’t hide behind every cloud

Having cancer sucks. Without having any experience in that field, I can tell you that it 1000% sucks. I can give you medical facts and statistics to prove my point, but no heartfelt reasons because I don’t know what it is like. I’m just saying what other people say.

Suffering from cancer sucks.

What I can account for though, is that knowing someone who has cancer sucks. I know what that’s like. Having a family member or a friend who happens to have a terminal disease screws you up in ways that cannot even be explained. You watch them degrade in front of you. All the medicine you’ve read about in books actually comes alive. You literally watch the cancer suck the life out of a person.

Watching someone suffer from cancer sucks even more.

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My Sister’s Grave

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I stood in front of the gravestone and stared. This person was a part of my family. She had the same parents as me, similar DNA to me. If I ever needed a kidney transplant, she’d be the most viable option.

If she needed a kidney transplant, I would be the most viable option.

I didn’t know her. I’d never met her. She was gone before I had the chance too. I stood and stared at her grave, wondering what would have been if she were alive. I would have an older sister. She would have given me advice on boys and friends. She would have protected me. I would tell her all my problems. We’d take on the world together. I’d never be alone again.

But I am alone. 
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I Died To Live

It’s a chilly winter morning. I can’t feel anything, but that must be because I’m dead. I know this because I see the people wearing black cardigans and sweaters. Some are even wearing black long coats. It’s all black. I told them not to make it all black, but who ever listened to me? Oh well, can’t help it now.

I had a list of how I wanted my funeral to be. I specifically mentioned NO black and NO tears. I also said they should play good music, my music. Instead all I can see is black and tears and all I can hear is the sad melancholy tune of the church choir. Its a sad sight, but I guess that’s how funerals are supposed to be. If I were there I would want someone to kill me,  but no one would have. Guess it’s best I did it myself.

I’m floating near a tree, quite far away from the actual ceremony. I wonder if people can see me, but I doubt they can. All people are doing is going to my casket and whispering. I’m curious to know what they might be saying, so I float over there and listen to people speak to my dead body. It’s not eavesdropping, they are talking to me after all.  Continue reading “I Died To Live”

Today Has Been Okay.


11:56 PM, Tuesday

It was dark and chilly outside. Above her lay the magnificent sky, dotted with stars and shining dimly in the moonlight. Below her was the sea, splashing against the rocks in high tide. She stood on the edge of the cliff, taking in the endless darkness in front of her. The day was coming to an end, and she thought that it had been good.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Today had been okay. Continue reading “Today Has Been Okay.”

The Angel Will Die.

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He saw her lying there on the ground. By looking at the thin layer of snow that covered her, she seemed to have been lying there for maybe a night.
He stepped closer and checked for a pulse. There was nothing. He sighed. She had been lying out here in the cold for an entire night and not one person had cared enough to inform the hospital. Continue reading “The Angel Will Die.”