Hey!!! I’m Ebe, Rev’s best friend. It’s nice to meet you! I’d like to say that this collab had been in the works for like ages. And now it’s finally happening and I couldn’t be more excited!!

I like to think I know Rev pretty well, what with her whole table phase and Maroon 5.
(You got to listen to a ton of good music don’t complain) And with this supposedly good enough knowledge, we’re going to do the “How Well Do We Know Each Other Challenge.” So basically what we do is, we’ve come up with a few questions and we’re going to answer them about each other and we’re gonna compare our answers to the correct answers which are going to be typed just below it. My answers are going to be in the normal font and hers are going to be in italics. Here goes!! 
Q1) What’s her star sign?

Okay, uh, October 26, which is, Scorpio(?)!
Guesswork, but correct!

Q2) Who’s her celebrity crush?

Selena Gomez!!! You don’t know how much she screams about her, it’s insane.
DUDE SELENA GOMEZ IS LIKE ASDFGHJKL. Bad Liar is literally me@her

Q3) List of Crushes?

Okay, I’m going to go ask if we’re using code names, one second. Okay turns out we are, so:

1- Table (ugh)(jk, he’s nice)(mostly)
To be honest i dont even know what this was

2- uh, I think I’m going to call him, uh, CONSTRUCTION SITE, SHIT. Oh my God, I’m dead. Actually dead. Construction site wow good one

3- I’m not entirely sure if this one was before or after Construction Site but, Bird.
It was before!!!

4- MATH BOY!!! I mean, he’s more than just a crush now, but eh, I’m adding him.

Wait a second. Rev, have you made out with all of your crushes?! Jesus shit, girl.

Q4) Know her number by heart?

Okay I know I know the first five digits, and I kinda know the last few. Okay, I think I might just know her number. Ha, suck it Rev, I bet you don’t know my number, tsk.
The first four digits of our numbers are literally the same so it’d be a pity if we didn’t know them.

Q5)What’s her favourite TV show? 

Oh. My. God. I actually think even you guys can answer this, it is all over all her posts. Grey’s bloody Anatomy. Literally just today, she texted me, freaking out about a new trailer. All I know about this show is everyone dies or leaves. It’s depressing.
Dude guys I kid you not it is the most brilliant creation ever. Shonda Rhimes is a GOD and Grey’s is my antidote and omg Sept 28th NEW SEASON!!!!! (All the best for the fangirling Ebe)

Q6) Which Hogwarts house is she in?

The weird thing is we both read Harry Potter at around the same time. And I know you’re thinking like third grade or something, but it was in eighth grade? It just seemed sort of overhyped and now I understand the fuss.
(Depressingly true)

Anyway, coming back to the question. She’s either in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, I’m not sure which one she’s more like. Slytherclaw? Okay, I’m leaving it at Slytherclaw.
I mean, this isn’t wrong because I think I’m more Slytherin while most friends go with Ravenclaw

Q7)  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

DELHI!! Am I supposed to give a reason? I’m just going to say ’cause her relatives (aunt) live there.
Again, not wrong because RIGHT NOW I want to live in Delhi, yes but. (Oh, she’s got one wrong ha) I WANT to actually LIVE somewhere near a beach. Anywhere with beautiful beaches is probably my aspired place to be

Q8) What’s her favourite social media? 

I know for a fact that it’s Snapchat, she literally ranted to me for like fifteen minutes about how it’s the best thing ever. But, but, I feel like it might be Instagram now? She’s always on it, little addicted she is.
Nope, it’s still Snapchat GOOD JOB! (Also, insta is because 1) cute ass posts that I send Math Boy and 2) Grey’s edits and updates)

Q9) What’s her favourite type of music?

I’m assuming this means genre, so, pop, duh. Hardcore Swiftie. And Troye Sivan!!
Good one!!! 

Q10) What’s our song?


Connected by Katharine McPhee. It’s literally perfect. Don’t hate on Barbie by the way, it’s brilliant, hush. And no, I am not five years old.

Q11) What’s her most stressful topic?

I’m so scared I’ll get this wrong, oh my God. I’m gonna say, love going wrong. Just not working out how it’s supposed to.
Very very close. It’s more, marriage going wrong, but I’ll give you this one

Q12) What are your fears?

Commitment. I mean, it’s improved over time (proud of you!!), but it’s still there under the surface.
Dude stop using italics it’ll confuse people. And uh yes I have a weird fear 

Q13) What’s her pet peeve? 

People who give up on their future too easily.
I can’t even begin to…UGH

And uh, when music’s played at a really less volume? It seems the most plausible.
Dude literally have you not noticed me turn up the volume of the music in the bus ALL THE TIME! Low volume music is the absolute worst oh god. 

Well, that was stressful, but really really fun. I hoped you liked it!!
Guys I did the same thing on her blog go check it out!!!!


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