“We need to talk”
“I know”

Breaking; A single crack

“We’re falling apart”
“I know”

Breaking; being pulled apart

“So.. what now?”
“I don’t know”

Breaking; but now brimming with pulsating anger

“Does this mean we should give up?”
“I really don’t know”

Breaking, apparently alone

“You should really say something more.”
“I know, but I have nothing”

Breaking, held together by a single thread

“I think there’s only one thing we can do”
“I know… I kinda hate it”

Breaking, but not so alone anymore

“So, this is it? We’re done?”
“I guess so”

Breaking, almost pulled apart

“I really loved you”
“I know”

Breaking, its nearly done

“You never loved me, though”
“I know”

Broken. Shattered. But free


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