Big Girls Cry

I’m three years old
Going to school for the first time
My mom looks at me
And says firmly,

“Big girls don’t cry”

At six, I fall off my bike
My dad looks at me
And says encouragingly,
“It’s fine, get back up”

“Big girls don’t cry”

I’m twelve, my eyes fill with tears
While my parents scream at each other
My aunt hugs me and whispers,
“Hush now, it’ll be alright”

“Big girls don’t cry”

I sit here now
As my heart wrenches,
My breaths come short
And my lungs can’t breathe

Big girls do cry

My hair is a mess
My eyes burn with tears
My mascara has spread
And my world has turned

Big girls do cry

Everything is falling to pieces
Everything is a blur
And I get it now,
Big girls do cry

Big girls cry
when their hearts are breaking

PS – Big Girls Cry by Sia is a beautiful song and I am re-obsessed omg


7 thoughts on “Big Girls Cry

  1. This also reminds me of when guys hear, “boys don’t cry”. I feel like that is one of the most saddest things ever since it’s telling young boys that they should not express their emotions and hide them (even if it is sadness). I guess that’s many men feel struggle to express their emotions. This post is really thought-provoking

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