we can hurt together

You don’t need to hide from me,
I’ve probably seen it myself;
I can help, or I could simply listen,
I will be there.

Don’t say you’re protecting me,
I know I’m safe with you,
There’s nothing you can say
That’ll scare me away.

Tell me a secret today,
I’ll tell you ten tomorrow,
Don’t you worry, don’t you hesitate
I’ll keep it with me, between us.

You say you’re fine
But I know you’re not;
Your eyes look like mine
When I was hurting.

One day you’ll feel
The relief of a trouble shared;
I’m always going to be here for you,
You can confide in me.

So trust me when I say,
You can hurt with me,
I’ll hurt with you,
We can hurt together.

PS – AMAZING SONG ALERT!! Listen to it, it’s really something else.


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