Q&A #1

Guess who actually got a few questions??
Thank you all for submitting your questions, and let’s hope I answer them well

1. What would your name be if you were of the opposite gender?
Uh… I find the name Aryan super hot for some reason, so that.
But according to my parents my name would have been Aakash (how cliche would that have been?

2. Do mermaids exist?(Yes they do, don’t answer otherwise)
YES DEFINITELY. And one day I will prove anybody who thinks otherwise wrong.

3. Power to fly or invisibility at will?
Invisibility at will, yes please. I mean, how cool would that be?  I’d eavesdrop on conversations and people who bitch about me or people I love would get smacked in the head.

4. If you could change your name to anything what would it be?
I actually really like my name, but the one I use on my blog and my actual one. I really wouldn’t want it to be anything else.

5. Have you ever considered blogging as a career?
I have as a passing thought, but never seriously. I consider writing as more of an hobby and would prefer if this blog remained with no strings of commitment or income attached.

6. What’s your spirit animal (personal opinion)?
I’d like to say a rabbit, but more specifically:
Do you remember that bunny filter on snapchat? The one that was normal and adorable but the second you opened your mouth it would turn into a vicious beast? Because that is quite an accurate description of me.

7. Have you listened to/watched Hamilton? If not, DO IT NOW.
I HAVE NOT NO! But I will after my stupid exams get over

8. Do you watch BuzzFeed Unsolved? This is a make or break question lol.
I swear to God I’ll hit you. You legit know the answer to this. NO I DONT BUT I WILL EVENTUALLY GOD DAMMIT.

9. Are you studying for your boards? ‘Cause if you are, you clearly aren’t studying enough.
Darling, I aced science. I reckon I’m studying quite a bit. (UNLIKE SOMEONE I KNOW)

10. Would you rather feel way too much emotion or none at all?
Feel too much.

11. What’s the best part of blogging?
Everything. But more specifically, I think putting up stuff that relate to me and my view on things and watching people give such positive feedback on those matters is kind of amazing.

12. What’s  the most stressful thing you’ve ever gone through?
Interesting question, because I cannot think of just one. I feel like there are different degrees and types of stress so I’ll mention two different situations which have made me feel like I was going to implode:
1.  When my friend’s heart started beating irregularly and he started crashing IN FRONT OF ME EYES. They did a test on us after that happened to make sure we weren’t too affected by watching something that bad and my cortisol and adrenaline levels were THROUGH THE ROOF
2. Almost a whole month that I was fighting with this friend of mine. We went in the same bus and just the whole changed seating arrangement and awkwardness was enough to get me super stressed and jittery about travelling in the bus twice a day.


13. What inspires you?
To a large extent, Grey’s Anatomy and House for medicine. I mean, I know thats not how being a doctor really is, but it still inspires me so much

14. If you can do anything right now, what would you do?
Far-fetched answer: Skip the next two years of school and just get into med school and start the  process of becoming a doctor, yes please
Normal person answer: Go out of station with all my classmates. A school trip basically. It’s needed and we deserve it.

15. What is the strangest thing you ever did as a little kid?
I did a lot of weird things but I’m gonna say writing a love letter to this dude in first grade. I don’t even think I knew what a love letter was but apparently I did that? Don’t even ask. On the plus side, the dude began crying so thats funny.

16. Do you believe in ghosts?
Depends. The sane, scientific part of my brain does not. The insomniac and adventurous part thinks about what I’d do if I ever met a spirit/

17. How did you meet your bestfriend?
I have two best friends and I cannot place either of them above the other so this is in the chronological order of when I met them:
Bestfriend #1 – We were like 5. It was in montessori and neither of really remember. It wasn’t any great sparks-flying-everywhere meet. Just some normal thing that has turned into something very extraordinary .
Bestfriend #2 – (you’ve got so many mentions in this I hate myself) I met this idiot on the bus in fourth grade. This other friend and I judged her soooo much. We came up with names and songs to make fun of her and shit. It was really funny. And then I have no clue how but she was suddenly my best friend.

Wow that’s not bad for a first Q&A!
Think I mentioned this already, but thank you for submitting questions and not leaving me a loner


5 thoughts on “Q&A #1

  1. I am not sure where you’re getting your information, however great topic. I must spend a while finding out more or figuring out more. Thank you for magnificent info I was searching for this info for my mission.

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    1- ARYAN LOLOL. Also, Aakash? Talk about overused name.
    2- Homosexual mermaids !!
    3- If you don’t watch it eventually, I swear I’ll eat you
    4- What the hell is darling, you weirdo. Don’t call me that, ugh. Also the shade is plain rude.
    5- Aw, Happy. Also, shit don’t remind me of that stressful time, Jesus.
    6- YOU WROTE A LOVE LETTER TO SOMEONE IN FIRST GRADE?! Elaborate, thank you very much.
    7- BEST FRIEND #1 ❤
    Also lol, so many mentions, I am so entertained. Y'all kept bULLYING ME, hello. That SPSAA nonsense or whatever, yuck. M I T O S I S !!

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