you’re my person

Dear best friend,

The first memory I have of us is pretty darn random. It’s me you and this other girl standing in a single file in first grade. We’re arguing about whose turn it is to stand in front because we were all the same height (at the time ugh).

The second most prominent memory I have is of me getting chased by your dog in your apartment. That was a traumatic experience, but I somehow ended up staying over for 3 days. I wore your clothes and shared your bed, and apparently we  took bath together.

Weird yeah, but these are the memories that stay with you forever.

From surprising my mum on her birthday to leaving that huge AMC at your house, from spending my birthday at your place to hanging out while our mums went shopping, we’ve really been through everything.

There was this period when we were drifting apart in 8th or 9th grade, I’m not too sure. But I remember I was super pissed at you and a bunch of other friends. I went back home and got a call from you. Your sister spoke to me first and then you came on the phone. You were crying and blabbering on and on about how sorry you were.

I remember thinking, but this is not your fault.
It was that day that I decided that I had to up my game and be a better best friend to you. I couldn’t just make my best friend sob like that. The sound of your tears on the phone kinda broke my heart in a way only you could break it.

Well, I hope I have been a better best friend. And I hope you’ve never doubted me, for even a second, since.

I can tell you one thing, you’re the best best friend I’ve got. We watch chick flicks and HIMYM together, stay up till 3 am talking about bullshit, insult each other but you’ve always had my back.

Unless I’m wrong. In that case you just slap me back into my senses, which works most of the time.

You’ve scared away a certain someone and are planning to threaten another certain someone, but you’re doing it for me, so how can I ever complain? You supported me and brought me back into my senses when I had probably the worst fight of my life with one of the most amazing people ever.

I’ve never cared about anyone as deeply as I do for you. If you’re hurt, I’m hurt even worse. I literally want you to get a boyfriend so I can give him the “Break her heart, I’ll break your face” talk, so I can actually punch him in the gut and keep him in line for you.

There’s this one part about this incredible friendship that scares me, and that is how dependent I am on you. Your opinion usually trumps my own opinion. You matter more to me than I matter to me.
You’re my person.

We’ll be off to college in two years. We’ll be doing whatever we want to do oh so badly right now. But odds are that we won’t be together. We won’t be seeing each other everyday. You won’t be there to warn me before I make a mistake and say “I told you so” when I’m in trouble.

You probably won’t be there physically, but I know that every time I’m about to make a stupid decision, you’re gonna come to my mind.
You’re my person.

I cannot even imagine what my life would be without you. You’ve shaped me as much as my own parents, teachers and the school has. You’ve stopped me from doing many, many idiotic things. You’ve cleared up my mess so many times and whenever I picture my future, you’re always there.

You’re my person. You will always be my person.

PS – Happy Valentine’s day my love ♥



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