There’s this place I call home. Its been a constant comfort to me for the past 11 years of my life. It welcomed me when I came from Singapore, it stayed with me when my parents got divorced and it remained when I shifted 3 houses in one year. It was the only thing I looked forward to when I broke up with my boyfriend and the only thing I thought about when my parents fought.

There’s this place I call home – My school

My school has been the amazing driving force thats made me “me”. I wouldn’t be who I am or even know who I am without my school. I’ve never cried while going to school. There hasn’t been one morning where I wake up and go “Oh shit I have school”. Because it isn’t just school. Its my home.

There’s this place I call home. I have family there, but we’re not related by blood. I have mothers there who haven’t given birth to me. I have sisters there with whom I’ve been with since I was 5 years old and will be with till I’m 150. I have brothers there who don’t have the same parents as me, but would do anything for me.

Sister from another mister, brothers from another mother

I’ve learnt how to take responsibility here. I led an entire house when I was just 15. I organised a huge event with 500 people when I was just 16. I’ve had interviews with the chairman and found what I’m passionate about. This school has brought out the best in me and taught me not to crumble under pressure. And most importantly, it has taught me to believe in myself.

“Speak from your heart, and you’re prepared enough, I believe in you”
“You have 2 whole hours to write a script. Give it your all, I believe in you”

There’s this place I call home. I know the chairman, the chairman’s wife and children. I know the teachers, the principal, my juniors and my seniors. Teachers went from being these scary adults to our literal friends who we can hug whenever we want to. Seniors went from being these tall untouchable people to US. We’re the seniors now, and little kids look up at us like we’re Gods.

“Look it’s the Krishna house captain!”
“Look the tenth graders are in our corridor!”

There’s no place like this school. There’s no place like home, its true. Let me tell you a tale about the time my friend and I forgot to get our admit cards signed. Our chairman and coordinator actually REQUESTED the principal who CAME TO SCHOOL FROM HIS HOME ON A HOLIDAY JUST TO SIGN TWO ADMIT CARDS. I mean, you can’t find this everywhere. You can only find this at home.

I’m a graduate now, and I have a chance in front of me whether to leave for the next two years or to stay.

The decision? Simple. I’m staying

One doesn’t just simply leave their family and friends and teachers who go to such great lengths to make  you a good human being.

One doesn’t just simply leave home



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