It’s You

It’s a party and people are getting drunk and high all at once. There are clouds of smoke in every room, drunken teenage boys trying to feel you up as you walk and strobe lights blinking down. The music is blaring and my friends are having the time of their lives. But I’m not. I’m looking for you.

It’s a party and there’s vodka and tequila everywhere. A couple is making out on the snooker table, someone is getting beat up and drinks are being downed. It’s a mess but my friends seem to love it. Not that I don’t wanna lose control of my mind completely by getting drunk. Its just that if I lose control of my mind, I lose the image of you which is keeping me alive and alert in this mess.

After a third girl throws up, I’m done. I take a cup of beer and walk to the garden to get some space. I need space and I need you. The strobe lights are calling me inside, but I just wanna get out. I’m wading through the pool of drunken classmates when someone grabs my arm.

I’m keeping my mind busy and watching everything that’s happening when I feel my senses heighten. I walk in a sort of daze towards a girl I can barely make out in the dim lights. Something’s pulling me and I’m hoping it is you. I walk quickly through the crowd and grab the girl’s arm.

I turn around and let out a sigh. It’s you.

The girl turns around and my shoulders relax. It’s you.

“You wanna get out of here?” You grin at me like a madman and my stomach twists like I’m in fourth grade in front of my first ever crush.
“Definitely” I say, grinning from ear to ear myself.

Your smile is all the addiction I need and I suddenly feel drunk. I kiss your cheek and you laugh. You hold my hand and run out of there. It’s a party and it’s amazing, but not as amazing as you.

We run across the porch, to the gate and towards your car.  My heart is beating extra fast and its not just because of the running. You’re holding my hand and it feels like the blood circulation there has stopped. But it feels so good. You feel so good.

We get into the car and I drive. I don’t even know where we’re going, just that we’re going together and that’s all that really matters.

We have our own party in the car. We’ve got KFC and music. You’re driving fast, way above the speed limit and laughing loud, and I can’t help but think that if I die right now, at least I’d have died listening to your laugh.

I run the red light and take a turn. The street is dark but I’m lit. With your hand on mine, I realize that we don’t need a destination. This road leads where your heart is, and my heart is with you.

You run the red light and take a turn. The street is dark and I feel wasted on your love. We cross a billboard that reads “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”. I smile. These signs are something you can’t ignore. I did follow my heart, because my heart is with you.

Suddenly you’re quiet, and that’s okay. There’s nothing needed to say, because we’ve got nothing to prove.

I look at you and realize just how lucky I am to have you the way I do. This isn’t a game, there are no rules. We live life to the fullest, and my fullest is with you.

The world doesn’t matter, not when I’m with you.

The world doesn’t matter, you’re here and that’s all I need.



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