The two intellectuals gazed across the sea of ignoramuses that belonged to their species.

One dug out the world’s oldest children from their graves;

One sucked on the reserve of seeped underground tears Mother Earth has shed;

One poked holes into our planet’s cool blanket;

While one threw poison into the earth’s transparent blood.
Image result for people destroying earth

The two intellectuals shook their heads as the destruction never slowed:

One left his wife for another woman;

One drowned her sorrows in bottles of wine;

One felt the scars on his body burn in the day;

While one felt the bruises come alive at night.
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As the intellectuals gazed on, their disappointment in their species deepened.

One shot the Royal Bengal Tiger for its fur;

One poisoned the Great Indian Elephant for its tusks;

One picked up a stick to hit the dog;

While one picked up their little girl to throw her out.
Image result for female infanticide cartoon

The two intellectuals gazed and gazed until they decided that nothing could be done.

They shook their heads and turned around.

That’s where they went wrong

And became just like everyone else in their species.
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3 thoughts on “SPECIES

  1. This is so incredibly deep and meaningful . I loved how you ended it. That is the worst thing about to whole problem is turning away from it completely and trying to pretend it is not there.

    This post is so beautiful ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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