Dear future me,

Hi hey hello
How are you?
How are you doing?
I hope you’re good
I hope you’re happy

I have so many questions,
So many aspirations,
So many expectations
And so much hope
That you’re happy

Are you doing what you love?
Are you loving what you do?
Are you looking forward to each new day?
And are you passionate about the work?
I hope you are, because that’s what I want to do.

Are you a surgeon,
Like I picture myself now?
Or have your interests changed,
Doing something completely different?
It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re happy.

Have you lost your first patient?
Did you have to tell the family?
Do you feel responsible, yet helpless,
Like I think I’d feel?
I hope you learnt from the experience.

Have you done something incredible?
Have you done something memorable?
Is everyone gonna remember you,
For something really amazing?
I hope you gave that speech I practice now in my room.

Do you believe in love,
Or are you still critical about it?
Have you found love,
Or are you gonna end up with yourself forever?
Whatever it is, I hope you’re happy.

Have you found “someone special”?
Have you found your “the one”?
Does he pass all the criteria I have in mind,
Or is he something I could never expect?
However he is, I hope he makes you feel loved.

Have you had to choose between two things you love:
The boy and the job, like I always thought I’d have to?
Did you choose the boy, and give up on something you love?
Or did you choose the job and lose someone you loved?
I hope you won’t ever have to make that decision.

Take a hard look at your life
Is it satisfactory? Are you happy?
Is it the life I want to have?
The one you’ve always wanted to have?
If it’s not, then stop whining and fix it

I’m doing all that I can now.
I’m working hard to become you
I hope you don’t disappoint me,
And I hope you’re as enthusiastic
About life as I am now.



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