Winter Wonderland Tag

Yay! Another tag for me to absolutely fail at!

Sorry for this in advance y’all.

Thank you Evie for tagging for this very very exciting tag!
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On with the questions, shall we?

  1. Do you like the cold?
    Yes, yes and yes. I feel like when its cold you can stay in blankets and wear warm clothes to make yourself warm and cozy. In summer, you can’t take off all your clothes to cool yourself (I mean, you could, but).
  2. Favourite part about winter?
    Academics in school absolutely STOPS. I swear to you, we haven’t done anything in school for the fast two weeks. It’s like winter comes and the books go into hibernation. Also this time of the year is when all the fests, competitions and annual productions are held, so there’s that excitement too!
  3. Does it snow where you live?
    Fun fact: I’ve never seen REAL snow. It does not at all snow where I live and I feel like I’m missing out on a very important part of winter.
  4. Favourite clothing during winter?
    Jumpers/sweaters. They look adorable. Wearing an over-sized jumper with tights is like my go-to winter outfit.
  5. What’s you favourite winter memory?
    I can’t really pinpoint one, so I’m gonna name a few:
    (i) Last year’s annual day in school. I kind of put up a brilliant skit based on Lion King and I was terribly proud of how it looked.
    (ii) This one sleepover I had with a bunch of friends. We binged on High School Musical and played with puppies. It was the best.
    (iii) Baking a cake with my aunt, blowing up the kitchen, and trying to clean it all up before my mum came back from work. (SPOILER: my aunt and I got busted)
  6. Favourite hot drink?
    Everyday. Anyday.
  7. Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?
    Let It Snow by John Green. It’s very very cute
  8. Best winter movie to watch?
  9. Do you do any winter sports?
    Ahahahaha no.
    (There isn’t any snow/ice here, but I may have tried if there was)
  10. Favorite Christmas/Holiday/New Year tradition?
    This is extremely superficial, but the countdown to New Year’s. We usually have this huge party in the apartment and there’s a DJ and music and its all perfect. When the countdown starts, every single person present there is shouting and it gives me such a high. The build-up is crazy. And then its 12 a.m. of the next year and there are fireworks and music again and just. I love it all.

I tag – Julie, TalkaholicMeSimply MeBloodranstaleJB and Debbie

~going back to my perfect reverie


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