Never Have I Ever

Lets play a game of never have I ever, shall we?

Image result for regretNever have I ever
Loved someone so hard
That even when they didn’t
I stayed with them

Never have I ever
Trusted someone so much
That I told them everything first
While for them, I was the last

Never have I ever
Cared for someone so much
That I comforted them when they cried
While I was dying inside

Never have I ever
Put someone so high
That I gave chances so many
While I got none

Never have I ever
Thought someone so worth it
That I gave up my pride
Just to be with them

Never have I ever
Empathized with someone so much
That I tried to keep them alive
While I was merely surviving

Never have I ever
Made a decision so hard
That I pondered on it for hours
While they barely gave it a second thought

Never have I ever
Misjudged someone so bad
That it broke me to pieces
And still left me smiling

Are we done now?
Because the more I play
The more I regret.

It seems like the “never have I ever” has turned into “never should I have ever.”

~going back to my perfect reverie


12 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever

  1. Never Have I Never gained an immediate source of inspiration from reading, usually it would be at a later time. I’ll be writing a short poem entitled ‘Undo’ as an alluded tribute to you, I hope you wouldn’t mind.

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