i’m running out of excuses

(Important announcement at the end of this sorry excuse for a blog post)

And the world’s worst blogger award goes to…..


Oh my god guys I totally and completely deserve that name or label or whatever and I don’t even have an excuse for why I haven’t been writing, so bear with me here.

I started this blog about six months ago (more maybe) and since then it has been growing and growing every day. It’s literally like my baby and I wanna keep it protected from all the harm in the world, needless to say I probably can’t (but I try). Every single day that follower count goes up and I feel more and more guilty for being so irregular on here. I will resume to the normal schedule of posting twice a week, but right now my life is completely hectic and I just need to finish all my pending work and projects and stuff before I can concentrate here. I don’t wanna be writing crappy stories for you all. I need to give my 100% which I cannot afford to give right now because 24 hours a day is actually really little.
I have like 4 incomplete stories just SITTING in my draft box and I just do not know how to complete them. But I will, eventually. So until them, I’m gonna just… Talk to you guys, I guess?

Huh. Hello guys.

How have you been? I hope your week’s going absolutely brilliantly. If it’s not, I hope it gets better, I really do.

Oh my God, guys, you need to hear this:
When our school reopened after the first semester break, our principal wasn’t there. He wasn’t gonna be there for, like, 10 days(!!) I hate him, to say the least, and he hates me. I’m not the most decent child in class, so I guess he has his reasons, but he PARTICULARLY targets this friend of mine (M) and me ALL. THE. TIME. Anyway he was out of school and we freaked out. We bunked all the time. Literally, we were roaming around the corridors and sitting with the juniors while classes were going on. Even if we got caught, the teachers would just plainly ask us to go back to class. No scoldings. No punishments. It was just magnificently brilliant.

Wait, but now he’s back and we’ve already gotten busted once. Fun.

Also you guys HAVE to listen to:
1. Better Man by Little Big Town (TAYLOR SWIFT WROTE IT)
2. Dangerously by Charlie Puth
I am absolutely loving these two songs soooo much and just. Go listen, you won’t regret it.

I have two books waiting in my closet that I need to read. I just need to get over with this school work and I’ll pick them up. One’s Inferno (I’m late, sue me) and the other is a book called ‘Playlist for the Dead’ which had a pretty interesting title and summary. I’ll let you know how that goes once I’m done with it.

Oh, and the most important thing about this post:
I’m planning to do my first Q&A on this blog(!!)
You guys can drop in your question(s) in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them. It’ll be terribly sad if I don’t get questions, but it’s worth a shot, right? I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and since I don’t have any stories lined up, what better time than now?

Sorry for my incompetence as a writer and thank you all for being patient and beautiful.

Ask questions, demand answers.


~going back to my perfect reverie



3 thoughts on “i’m running out of excuses

  1. You’re forgiven 😜
    Focus on your school work and good luck with all of it! No one can get mad at you for trying to do good in school 😄

    Q and A

    What inspires you?

    If you can do anything right now, what would you do?

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