Trust Me

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I need you to trust me.

Yes, those words sound suspicious. Yes, those words have probably betrayed you a billion times. Yes, you’re probably sick of those same old words being lies.

I understand. But still, I need you to trust me.

Is that okay? Okay.

I want you to know that whatever crap is going on in your life right now will pass.
It will be okay. Everything will turn out well. You will get through this alive.

Cliché? I know.
But I need you to believe in that.

I need you to trust me on that.

Someone once said that the universe only gives you what you can manage. So if you’re going through something you feel like you’ll never get out of, you can. You have the potential to conquer all that is thrown at you and come out stronger.
The universe believes in you.
I believe in you.
Now you need to believe in me.
You need to believe in yourself and push through everything and emerge a better person than you were.

I need you to trust me.

There’s a thing we all do. I do it, you do it, every darned person does it. We tend to never confront our fears and problems face to face. You may deny this, but it’s true. We push them under and under and hope to never see them again. But what it only does is pile up. Our fears and problems don’t like being ignored. They keep pushing up and over our heads until we’re neck deep in them. We should never let our problems get to us. We should never be way under the water. We should never let out problems define who we are. Keep your heads above the water and confront your problems as and when they come. Bounce up and tell your problems that you’ve learnt from them and now they have to go.

If you feel something wrong writhing up in your life, pull it with its hair and bring it up in front of you.
Look it dead in the eye and say, “I don’t have time for you. I know why you came. I’ve learnt my lesson and now you can leave. You don’t need to take over my life.” After that, throw it into the water that is below your feet. Never let the water cover your head. Rise above and jump through all the hurdles. Leave all the crap behind you and never look back.

I know every one of you can do this. Fear loves taking control of our lives. Problems love being in charge, and sometimes you just gotta remind them whose really in charge.
Confront your problems. Push through them, don’t live with them. Believe in yourself and come out stronger.

You can do it. Every single one of you can.

You need to trust me on this, because I trust that you can do it.

~going back to my perfect reverie


4 thoughts on “Trust Me

  1. So true. I went through a major depression and lost hope of getting better. Doctors and nurses tried to help me and I’d just tell them they were losing their time. I was a lost case. Then meds started working and I found a good therapist, one I actually trusted when he’d tell me “you feel like this *now* because you are sick, but you *will* get better”.

    I’m now fully recovered. I don’t even need meds anymore.

    Great post.

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