Change. It is one of the most important things in this world. Without change we would still be hunter-gatherers. Without change, we would be no where we are today.

Change is mandatory. Change can be good, change can be bad. Either way, change is something nobody can live without. Change is a twist from the mundanity of life.
Ironically, change is also something most people aren’t open to. But think about it, would you want to live your life the exact same way forever? No, probably not.
We all want change on a subconscious level.

For her, this want had become a conscious nagging at the back of her mind.
With this realization, she stood in front of the mirror with her hair left open and a pair of scissors in her hand.

She wanted change, needed change. She’d always wanted change. She’d wanted to grow up to become like her mother. She’d wanted to become tall enough to ride a bicycle. She’d wanted to become a teenager to be able to do all the teenager-y things.

She brought the blades of the scissors near her hair and got ready to chop it off. It was a change and she was ready for it.

Now she was a teenager and she wanted to grow up, change, become independent. She wanted everything to remain the same, but she also wanted to change.

She cut the first lock of hair. Almost six inches of chocolate brown hair fell to the floor, along with her tears . She was doing this, she was changing.

Lately , life seemed to have slowed down. One day felt more like a week, every minute like an hour. Nothing was changing around her. Nothing was complementing the changes she was going through. It was frustrating, agitating.

Angry hot tears clouded her vision as she begun to cut her hair faster, more haphazardly. It was a good feeling, and she finally felt in control.

She needed change, and she thought she would go insane without it. She craved change. Hoped something would be different everyday. She imagined that rush, that nervousness and those butterflies in your stomach that accompanies change. She wanted it so bad. But everyday was the same.
She followed the same mundane routine daily.Wake up, go to sleep, wake up, go to sleep. She was so tired of the same old same old. She needed to take matters into her own hands. She had to show people the change in her, the changes she was feeling. She had to make a bold move because humans are thick headed creatures who will not pick up a clue until you spell it out for them. She had to go bold, she had to make them notice.

She stopped half way through her haircut to look at the mirror. One side of her hair was almost half as short as the other. It was a clear change. She just had to finish it.

Her hair was one of her favourite things. Thick, silky, straight as a line. Ideal for a lot of things. It came down below her waist and was all in all a wonderful thing. It was something everybody praised, parents, friends, teachers alike. It was something they would notice about her. This is why she chose to cut her hair. It marks change. A clear, definite, obvious change.

She cut the other side of her hair, not bothering about the length or uniformity. Her waist length hair now barely touched her shoulders. She stopped and looked at the floor, where all her hair had fallen. It was something she had chosen to do.

It was change. She looked up at the mirror and wiped away the tears. Choppy, straight hair framed her face. She smiled because she was happy with what she saw, with who she saw.

She looked different. She looked changed

She liked different. She liked change.

Hello world. No, I am not dead, which is actually a wonder.
Sorry for such a loooong break. Honestly, I didn’t plan it. But stuff has just been going everywhere and I think I’ve hit my, (as people call it), ‘all-time low’ this week. I was so demotivated BUT now I’m back! Hopefully I will not be taking any more breaks until my exams start.

~Going back to my perfect reverie


18 thoughts on “CHANGE

  1. I really love this one! It is so beautiful and I just really really love it like always – I don’t think that there would be anything you write that I wouldn’t like! 🙂

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  2. There is a psychological reason as to why we cut our hair when we need change. I am someone who has done everything imaginable to my hair when I need change.

    Liked by 1 person

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