Best Friends (forever?)

How do two people become best friends?

Its usually something innocent, something true and raw.

How two best friends lose each other?

That’s a little more complicated than innocence.

Initially, they promise each other that they’ll never be replace each other. They try hard to keep that promise, they do. But circumstance proves that this promise is harder to keep than they thought.

Yet, they try. For years they remain best friends. When you would ask any one of them who their best friend is, the other would be their instant response. Deep talks and honesty. Protecting each other and being each other’s shoulder to cry on. People would say they were impossible to separate.

But one day, all of a sudden they would grow distant. The same connection would not be there. The same ease with which they talked about anything and everything would disappear. Others would notice and shake their heads.

“They were best friends? What happened?”

They would wonder the same thing.

Now, they would constantly try to find their way back to each other, but as I’ve mentioned before, its complicated. Temporarily it would work, but that spark, that truth and those conversations would never return.

Mostly because they might have found somebody else’s shoulder to cry on. They might have replaced their best friend.

But friends they would always remain. Just mundane friends, nothing special. They’ll look at each other and their hearts would ache for their best friend, but there’s no going back and they both know it. They’ve lost each other.

Every time they look at their friend with their new best friend, it feels like the knife embedded in their heart goes further in. Every time they try to take it out, it’s to no avail. Their hands come out bloody and slippery and the knife stays there.

Yet, they know that the other will always be there for them. They were best friends, a relationship that can never fully tarnish. They would go to each other in times of trouble.

One of the old best friends has a fight with their new found best friend, and goes crying to her old, real best friend, because it only feels natural.

They talk, deep and meaningfully, for the first time in years. One tells the other to go apologize to her new best friend, because she deserves it.

“It hurts to lose your best friend, believe me.” She warns.
“I know it does. I’ve already lost one.” She says in between tears, trying to convey an apology to her original best friend, begging for things to become normal.
She smiles at her, though her heart aches to say the next words, “So try extra hard not to lose this one.”


How do best friends lose each other?

It’s complicated, because they never truly lose each other. They just find someone better, and a true best friend will accept that.

~Going back to my perfect reverie because my tests are over(!!)



39 thoughts on “Best Friends (forever?)

  1. I don’t know how to adequately convey how much this piece of writing actually affected me. It’s so true: they never really lose each other, but still: the pain is there from the loss. You put so much emotion into your words that it astounds me.

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    1. I usually write when the emotion is raw so it turns out like that I guess. My best friend called me right after I posted this and she said she read it. She said saying sorry for everything because she thought it was about us. We finally got back to how we were and its been amazing! I’m so happy people can relate to this! It inspires me to write more

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  2. I visit ur profile.
    The first post I read.
    Going through a similar situation.
    Felt like you have typed the story of my life here..
    So many.
    Amazingly written.
    Thank you for such a great post 🙂
    Have a great day and a great weekend 😀

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  3. you write so beautiful! loved reading this post. thanks for sharing!
    i am new at this place, It would be awesome if you could check out my first post…
    if you enjoy, leave a comment and follow for more and I’ll follow you back…

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    1. Awh I’m always here for new people 🙂 I’ll give your blog a read now. I’d also like to tell you that you don’t ha be to put conditions to follow me 🙂 if I like your blog, I’ll follow it, regardless if you like mine. I expect the vice versa from others too 🙂

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  4. Beautiful and relatable. There is so much love, strength, and power in the friendship of best friends, and to lose that bond, for whatever reason, is definitely hard to say the least. But I love how you ended your post on a positive note 🙂 Here’s to the best friendships in the world!

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  5. Yes, all the terrible exams :D.
    Losing a best friend to another person is definitely something very hard to swallow and understand. But it’s life and we all got to move on and be understanding. Everything happens for a reason and that reason might be unexpected 😀

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  6. I lost my best friend too when I was in your age. We had been best friend for 7 years. Then she just became best friend with another friend of mine. But after that the other friend didn’t want to be her friend anymore, and that other friend became my best friend until now. Yeh very complicated lol.
    Until now when I’m old enough, I could not never forget what happen and still wonder why. But well life goes on and you can never go back.

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    1. Wow I’m sorry to hear that really. But, this is just how I was feeling. My best friend and I are best friends, and hopefully will stay like that forever. We talked out our differences after I posted this, and I think we can go back to normal now!

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  7. To be said, this is a factor of life. Friends are indescribable in the way that only their hearts can understand, and you explained that perfectly.
    If you don’t mind me asking, did something happen between you and a friend of yours?

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  8. This post is like a very familiar feeling for me.
    Also, congratulations! Finally, freed from the exams. Though, who cares for exams? Take it from me. Once getting into a stream in grade 11, your 10th’s mark sheet will only serve the purpose of verifying your birth date in future. xD

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      1. Isn’t PhD for the really studious ones who want to be lecturer or professor? Rest assured, as your educational level increases, the value of class 10 marks sheet decreases. It is like 10% weightage. Yeah, plays a great role in this competitive world. It is just my perspective.

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