AUTHOR’S NOTE: STOP! Okay before you read this, you should know this is sort of a sequel to something I wrote earlier. Do check that out before reading this to understand fully.Okay I think my note is done? Well, you can read it now I guess.

It’s been years since I last saw you. I still remember how you left suddenly. You promised you’d be back. You promised you wouldn’t leave me hanging. You promised so many things for both of us, then why did I get an invitation to your wedding today?

Years passed and I knew we didn’t exist together in your head anymore. We did, for me, and we still do. We never actually broke things off or ended things, because you had promised. You’d promised that you would come back for me, to me. I thought you would, and you did, in a weird sort of way. You did come back to me, just not alone. Now, I’m supposed to be meeting you and your fiancée in a church decorated in white flowers. Roses, you’d always loved roses.  I’m supposed to congratulate you and pretend to be happy. I’m supposed to be listening to the vows you promise each other, and I’ll wonder if you’ll break those promises too.  It seems like you to break promises, because you broke you promise to me.

I don’t know how you thought of sending an invitation to me. If you forgot me for all these years, not a call or a text, I wonder how you kept me in mind while writing the invitation. Did even a morsel of guilt hit you? Or did you completely forget about the promises you made me? Does your fiancée know who I am? Does she truly know who you are? Because I thought I did, but turns out I didn’t. I don’t want that happening to her. You don’t deserve to break so many hearts.

I can’t say I’m angry at you. I’m angry at me. I shouldn’t have expected you to come back as my knight in shining armour. I should’ve expected you to get another Damsel in Distress, leaving your other Damsel in eternal distress. I don’t know why I ever thought you’d come back. I hoped you would. I hoped every single day, but in my mind I knew it wouldn’t. It’s my fault I’m in this woe today, but let’s not pretend it’s not your fault also. You should’ve known better than to make promises that you wouldn’t keep. You shouldn’t have made that promise of coming back because I waited for you but you never came back.

You broke your promise.


17 thoughts on “PROMISE

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    1. Yes omg thank you for checking out my blog! I’ll definitely give your blog a read 🙂 I’m always looking for help to increase traffic and improving the things I put up on here


    1. It’s not at all true don’t worry 🙂
      I’m literally only barely 16 and there’s no way I could’ve experienced all that. I’d written the first part off of a song and the second part sort of clicked in place.

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