UPDATE: Done With School

Hey guys!

Yes, I know I don’t do updates but I’m doing one now.
Change is good right? Yeah no I don’t like it either.

Anyway a lot has been happening this week and a lot is going to happen in the coming week. When I say a lot has happened, it obviously includes drama with friends and petty first world problems, but it mostly means SCHOOL. Being from India, our summer happens in April and May and our school’s already started. Right now I’m in the 10th grade, which (if you ask any adult) is the most crucial year of our lives.

So of course, our school has to make a huge deal out of this and absolutely BOMBARD us with work. I have literally NO free time.I’m always busy with homework and projects and tests. I have somehow (thank the heavens above) managed to post regularly on this blog, but just barely.

I study in a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board-following school. To all of you who don’t know, it is the most pointless way of studying and its a system that HAS to be changed. (My friend M wants to become the Educational Minister and I pray she does so that she change this crappy system) . Getting back to the point, our education is extremely textbook-based and strict. We have two semesters with 4 formatives and 2 summative tests. The formatives are 20% each and regulated at school while the Summatives are of 30% each and regulated directly by the board. The board sends these “answer keys” which have answers COPY-PASTED from the book and if you don’t use the “key words in there” you lose your marks. Even if your answer made perfect sense.

Basically our hands our tied. There’s barely room for true learning and all we have to do is bury our heads in books and mug, mug, mug.

But that’s okay I’ve made peace with that. It can’t be helped and whats the point of ranting on and on about something which you can’t change (at the moment).

The point of this was to tell you all that I probably won’t be coming online on WP for the next week because our FA-1 starts on Thursday and my head belongs to the books now. I’ll try writing a few stories and scheduling them to post, but unfortunately I will not be liking or replying to any comments, just for a week. So excuse me while I die with my books staring me in the face.

I’ll  be back before you know it!
Wish me luck!!

~Forced to come out of my perfect reverie because school  wants me to suffer.


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  1. lagconsults says:

    I really get this

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  2. IsM says:

    Hey buddy ,
    I know I can understand, just completed 12 th , believe me 10 th grade was just amazing , 11th was actually a cake walk but 12th omg was hell … But Managed to amongst the toppers 😉

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  3. moi.trois says:

    AYYY, this.
    I’m in the 11th grade now and believe me, CBSE 10th is NOTHING (sorry) compared to 11th. Your SA2 portions are of the volume of our UT1 portions. 10th is your last year of fun really, enjoy it as much as you can okay? Go out and do things you love. And get a 10 CGPA.
    Other than that, this was a great read because I related to nearly every line of it, nodding vigorously and snorting every few seconds.
    You write about useful stuff, that’s inspiring.
    Cheers 🙂

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    1. Ahahahaha yeah I’m very much aware how bad 11th and 12th is teachers keep coming to us being all like – TENTH IS A CAKE WALK. IN 11TH AND 12TH YOU’LL SCRAPE YOUR KNEES AND BLEED.
      I’m definitely being chiller about these FAs than I expected to be haha. 10 cgpa is the goal ⭐

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      1. moi.trois says:

        Your skin will freaking peel off with the stress and then the homework is gonna be salt in your wounds and
        I should stop. Just have fun.
        And you, with your 170 odd followers, are my posts worth a read and a follow?


  4. Hah! You are a live wire! 😀

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  5. plantpicker says:

    #stalker lol. I have to agree with enchantress from the seventh dimension! You are going to enjoy it! And yes definitely a good writer😄

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    1. Haha hopefully it does get better. Thanks for the encouragement.
      *me*- says she’s gonna take a break from WP and the Internet in general
      *also me* – obsessively on WP and tumblr when she has an English test tmrw

      Hm. I need to set my priorities straight bye

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  6. BambooChewer says:

    Even though I’m not from India, I can totally relate! My education system is ugh as well and the old minister of education wanted to make us suffer as much as possible, I think. Seriously, can they just give us a break? We’re not robots. xD

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  7. Aditi Pallod says:

    I can relate to this so much. Procrastination! I read a few of your other posts, and you’re an amazing writer. As an Indian teen studying in America, I know how it feels. Good luck, we’re all with you! And you’ll do amazing on your exams.


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    1. Hey thank you so much! I really hope I do. Look at me, saying I’m not gonna come online and then spending so much time here! Guess I’m gonna ACTUALLY go and maybe concentrate.

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  8. I presume you’re in the 9th or the 10th. 😛
    As a 12th grader, (an experienced one, that) I can assure you, the second term of your 10th grade will be memorable, to say the least!
    It’s not the end of the world, yo. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as much as you’re studying. 🙂 All the best!

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    1. 10th yeah. The problem here is I may enjoy more than study BEFORE my tests and now one week before my test I’m like – SHIT SHIT SHIT SHOULDN’T HAVE SHOULDN’T HAVE! Academically I hate this year, but socially its just brilliant 🙂

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      1. AHH. ALL THE BEST, YOUUU. Trust me – 10th is the only year you’ll enjoy. :3

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