Tell Everybody.

Hey guys! So since June is the Pride Month, I decided to write something related to that. I come from a country where being LGBTQ+ is basically illegal, yet I support it completely! This is the first LGBT post I’ve written, and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments below how the story was since I’ve tried a very different style of writing. 



Hush. Don’t tell anybody.

He sneaked out again to meet him. By now it had become a sort of habit. Both of them knew by fault where to rendezvous. A new place every week was set in advance. He knew when his parents would not check up on him. He knew the excuses his patents would fall for. They were very used to it.

Every time he sneaked out, there was a fear factor. What if somebody caught them? What if somebody saw? They weren’t ready for the world to know yet. They were quite content with keeping the secret between them. It made everything so much more exciting, yet scary.

Every time he sneaked out, there was a thrill factor, something risky and exciting, like they shared a secret nobody else knew.

They did.

They had been sneaking out to meet for many months now. Him calling him over to his house when his parents were out.  Him giving excuses of school projects day after day.

However, how much ever they loved sharing their little secret; it was getting kind of ridiculous. They could never hold hands in public, never talk openly about their relationship and never show any signs of being attracted to boys in public. Sneaking out was fun, but everything else was unnecessarily taking too much of their time and effort.

So one day they decided to tell people. How would it affect them? It wouldn’t. Not one bit. Their school could throw them out, their friends could shun them and their parents could disown them. Anything could happen, but they’d remain the same. He would still love how his kiss sent chills down his spine, and he would still love that spark in his eye when he talked about something important to him. The world could turn upside down, but nobody would change them. He was proud of himself and loved him. He too was proud of who he was and loved him so much.

As long as they were together, nothing else mattered.

They called everybody to the grounds after school. People were murmuring about what the announcement was, having the most bizarre ideas. They heard a lot of things, but not once did they hear anyone think it was a coming out announcement.

They were pleasantly surprised by this.

Once most of the school and staff members had gathered in the ground, he began to get nervous; suggesting that maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. He gripped his hand, reassuring him about all his doubts. He took one step forward.

“May I have your attention?” He said. Immediately, a hush fell over the ground.
He stepped forward too, “We have asked all of you to come here because we have an announcement. This may shock a lot of you, and some of you may not be okay with it, but it’s the truth about who we are and we’re tired of hiding it.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “I’m g-”

He held his hand and looked at him, before both of them looked at the crowd, who seemed to be holding its breath. He held their linked hands up and said, loud and clearly, “We are gay, and we’re together. We’ve been together for quite some time now, and would like all of you to know.”

The crowd broke into chaos, and he noticed him tensing up. He looked at him, and saw the fear in his eyes. Without skipping a beat, he turned towards him.
“I’m so proud of us.”
“I am too.” He said, relaxing a little.
“We’re out now, so nobody can stop us from doing this-” He said as he leaned into him. Their lips met and suddenly the crowd broke into cheers. Most were very excited, some were simply stunned. Some grumbled and hated it, but in that moment they couldn’t care less. They were together and out, kissing in front of a huge crowd. They should’ve cared, looked around for reactions, but they didn’t. Because when their lips met, the rest of the world disappeared.

Because as long as they were together, nothing else mattered.

So now go ahead, tell everybody.



32 thoughts on “Tell Everybody.

  1. Wow, i absolutely loved reading that. I felt as though i was holding my breath as they were about to tell the crowd. It completely captivated me. Well done. You’re an incredible writer!

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  2. I’m glad my country is supportive of the LGBT+ community, but we still haven’t legalized same-sex marriage. I always say to myself, “How would you feel if the world was different? How would you feel if you loved a guy but you couldn’t get married because only same-sex marriage was allowed?” My answer always is “I would feel angry and hurt”, and I’m guessing this is how the LGBT+ community in my country feels. I think people need to realise we’re all human and we’re all the same yet extremely different in our own ways
    Lovely story, by the way! Its adorable ^-^
    ~Bambi xo

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  3. Great post! I feel that even though in some countries, like the U.S (where I live), people with different sexual preferences are supported and “allowed”, society still sees it wrong. Although this is not my case, my younger brother is gay and in his case only a couple of people know about this because of beliefs our family has.

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    1. Oh congratulations to your brother! And its definitely better to not come out as gay in an environment that’s not safe and where you KNOW you won’t be accepted.
      I really don’t get WHY other sexualities need permission to be the way they are… It’s disgusting

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      1. I believe so as well. I think it’s because society still has this idea that it’s unacceptable and an abomination, I really think it’s upsetting that the reality of a person is to hide or not be able to show who they really are because or what others may say or treat them.

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  4. Love this! People should be proud and not be scared to hide who they are.I have friends who are gay/lesbians and honestly I light up whenever they are around because they are the most fabulous people I have ever met. By the way, I’m Indian as well 🙂 but I live in the UK

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    1. Ahh glad you support it! I’ve seen one gay couple in a café once, and their moments of affection were so subtle, they were almost unnoticeable. It’s really sad how scared people here are because sex with a same sex partner is bloody punishable by law.

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  5. i also come from a country where LGBT is illegal but from the people i meet who are coming out of their closets, i don’t see the need to judge and prosecute based on someones hormonal balance

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      1. Nice. So in your country they believe in the norms, taboos kinda things thus not legalizing LGBT? Like in mine they say we are a Godly nation so we demoralizing our cultures by legalizing it


      2. Here too it’s a taboo in civil society. Even worse, in the Constitution, article 377 states that having sex with a same sex partner is PUNISHABLE BY LAW, which is absolutely irrationally insane

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