I had roses ready… The yard was covered in fairy lights and there was cake. It was the cheesiest thing in the world. You said you hated cheesy, but I knew that deep inside, you loved it. I knew this was special. It was the first time you’d been with someone for so long. But you didn’t turn up.

I waited. For a long time I waited. I figured you were stuck at the hospital, saving a life. Well, I was half right… you were at the hospital, but instead of doing your usual job of saving someone’s life, you were fighting for your life. And I was the last to know.

The last to be informed.

The last to break down

But once I got there, once you were awake for however short time, I didn’t leave your side. I was there when you reassigned your surgeries to other surgeons. I was there when your family came to visit. I was there when you couldn’t fall asleep. I was there when the doctor told you were only temporarily awake. I was there when you cried.  I stayed there with you, sleeping on the rickety cot of the room, eating hospital food.

I never left your side.

Not once all day.

Until I did.

I left for barely half an hour, just to settle some work.
But I shouldn’t have, because that’s when your heart stopped beating and your pulse disappeared. That’s when the crash team reached your room with paddles. That’s when you gave your last breath away. That’s when you gave up.

That’s when you stopped living, and that’s when I died.

“They say we’re soulmates because our zodiacs match” you said to me before I left.

“Do you believe it?” I scrunched up my face and looked at you “hey, I love you and all but soulmates are a step too far. Soulmates don’t exist.”

“Oh, but I think they do” you whispered.

I kissed you soft and short, like we’d do it the rest of our lives, and then I left the room.

That was a terrible decision. I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry.

They said that we were soulmates and now, I finally believe them. Not because our zodiacs match but because your heart stopped when I left. And when you stopped living, so did I.

I love you. I miss you. My soulmate is gone, and the world has lost its colour.

They said that we were soulmates, and for once, they’re right.


28 thoughts on “SOULMATES

  1. Wow! Beautifully written. This left me awstruck. This is exactly what I mentioned in one of my answers. You know, about how some writings inspire me and make me wonder, “Why can’t I write like them?”. I got all emotional. Way to go, hon. Good luck. 😀

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  2. This is beautifully written yet so tragic! I love your ideas, I’m worried I’ll start tearing up if I read this again. 😀 That’s not a bad thing though, you put so much emotion in your writing and I think that’s absolutely magnificent! Keep writing xx

    Liked by 2 people

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