Kill Him.

imageIt was a cool night, with the waves happily lapping on the shore and the wind blowing pleasantly on the beach. She sat on one of the wooden stools in the shack-bar, enjoying an overly tropical drink, complete with the tiny paper umbrella and a sliced pineapple. It wasn’t usually her style, sitting alone in a shack at night, drinking the most colourful drink ever. It wasn’t usual for her to be relaxing at all. Not that she didn’t like a good break, it was just that she preferred work.Her work was her sanctuary, and for her entire life she had known nothing better than her work. She worked for the “good people” and her current mission was to follow Don Draper, the right-hand man of the town’s biggest mafia, extract information and then… Kill him.

She was thrilled to be handed this assignment. She’d been following him for weeks now and he seemed to be even more careful than his boss. She’d taken no breaks and worked day and night, following him, charting his phone signals and mapping his every move. It had become an obsession. Even as she sat there in the shack-bar, taking her first break in weeks, she pictured how perfect it would be when she drove a bullet through his heart. She looked over at the beach and saw it clearly. He would be in front of her, defeated and weak. She would guard her stance with a gun in front of her, ready to shoot. The sky would be as it was tonight, dotted with twinkling stars, the moon covered with wisps of clouds, giving it an almost ghastly effect. The waves would be lapping away in high tide and the sand would be slightly damp. The sound of the next big wave that breaks on shore would be hushed with the blinding sound of her gun’s bullet penetrating its way into her enemy’s heart. She smiled as she thought of it. It would be perfect.
A jerk interrupted her plan for legalized murder.
“Hey there. Quite unlikely to see a fair maiden like you alone on such a beautiful night.”
She rolled her eyes. He was terrible. She replied without looking up, “‘Fair maiden like you’? Did you take flirting lessons from the 18th Century emperor?”
He shrugged. “Mind you, the 18th century emperor had, like, 7 wives.”
A small smile graced her features, “Touché” she said, looking up.
As soon as her eyes landed on his face, a small gasp escaped her lips. It was him. The one she’d been following. The one she had to kill.
“The name’s Derek Wills.” he said, offering his hand.
“Veronica Scott” she replied, shaking his hand.
“So tell me what you’re doing here… alone?” His tone was challenging, and she almost suspected he knew who she was. But she didn’t let down her guard. She carefully flirted with him as a plan began formulating in her mind. Maybe she could get him drunk enough to extract information? No,  that would give no guarantee. Maybe she could forget any of this happened at all? But it was too late for that. He’d already asked her if she needed a ride home, and she’d already said yes.
They exchanged numbers and he dropped her off, not before viciously making out behind car.
“I’ll call you tomorrow then?” he asked her.
“Not if I call you before.” She said and that’s when she thought of it. She would become close to him, make him love her and then… Kill him. It would be perfect.

In the beginning it was easy to keep up with her mission and her ‘relationship’, though eventually it became hard. Both of them avoided questions about work and both were very secretive. But that wasn’t the hard part. The problem was that she was falling for him. Genuinely forgetting report duties and procrastinating her mission was not like her. It had been months, and she hadn’t found out any valuable information. When she asked him about his past, his family, a shadow would cover his face. “I have a dark past, dark present and dark future.”
She would sympathize with him and say stupid things, “What if I give you a brighter future?”
He was very careful, and she was a fool.
When her boss asked her what the deal was and why he wasn’t dead yet, she asked for more time. She got the time, but with a warning. A warning that if Don Draper wasn’t dead within 2 weeks, she would lose her license to kill.
She loved her job, and this was a sacrifice she was not willing to make. So she followed him, yet tried to keep a distance. She planted a small voice recorder in his shirt pocket in between a make-out session, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
He didn’t. She stationed her laptop and all other gadgets in position to eavesdrop on one of the most dangerous conversations ever to take place. The set-up was directly connected to the bureau, in case back-up was needed, but when she heard the end of the conversation, she almost wished it wasn’t.
The entire conversation and leaked enough information for her team to destroy the mafias completely, and the things he said about her was enough to destroy her completely.
“And the girl?” Said a gruff voice.
“She’s no threat. She is in no way connected to any of this.” he assured them.
“Are you sure about that? You need to be careful. You are their only access to me.”
“I am aware of that. You don’t have to worry about her. I love her, I trust her, and I’m sure she does the same.”
The others scoffed. Her boss clapped in joy. A tear ran down her cheek as she loaded her gun and texted him to meet her on the beach.

It was a cool night, with the waves happily lapping on the shore and the wind blowing pleasantly on the beach. She held two beer bottles in her hand and hid a loaded gun inside her jacket. He walked towards her from the other side, smiling casually. She wore black leather pants and a matching jacket, ready for combat. He wore baggy jeans and a red top, seemingly oblivious to what’s happening.
When he came about 6 feet in front of her, she pulled out her gun. Almost instantaneously his hand went to his pocket pulled out a gun too. His smile disappeared. “Who brings a gun to a date?”
“I could ask you the same.”
“You pulled it out first.” He hesitated, as if afraid to ask the next question, “Who are you?”
She could feel the tears pooling behind her eyes, but she refused to let her guard down, “Agent 003, that’s all you need to know.”
“All along… You knew? You played me?”
She nodded, a few tears managing to fall down. His eyes looked hurt, broken, and looking at them all she wanted to do was drop her gun and kiss him, but she stayed. He looked scared, she looked strong. It was just how she’d pictured it that night. He was in front of her, defeated and weak. She was guarding her stance with a gun in front of her, ready to shoot. The sky was dotted with twinkling stars, the moon covered with wisps of clouds, giving it an almost ghastly effect. The waves were lapping away in high tide and the sand was slightly damp. The only difference was that now, she didn’t want to kill him. Despite her being job-minded and calculated, she didn’t want to kill the man she loved, whoever he worked for.
“I love you, you know. For real.” He whispered.
Tears kept falling down her face, “I love you too.”
“Then why are you doing this?”
Why was she doing this? Isn’t this what she always wanted? A mission, success?
“It’s the job” she choked out, “I have to… I’m sorry.
There was a pause, and she wondered if mafias were going to start attacking from somewhere. But instead, he dropped his weapon and kicked it away. He held his hands up in the air, looking up into her eyes,
“Go ahead then.”
Her hands shook and her vision was blotchy with tears. She couldn’t do this. He looked at her, his voice dangerously calm,
“Kill me.”

Ta da! Two of my best friends and I wrote this during second language (because who even listens to the teacher? No actually she was absent)  Anyway we came up with this because why not? One of them started it off by giving the idea, the other ended it, we all built a rough skeleton and then I wrote it(!!) It’s kind of long, I know, which is why I ended it with a cliff-hanger.
Let me know if y’all want a sequel maybe?
Thanks xx
~Going back to my perfect reverie

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  1. dq says:

    this is really good i must admit

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  2. Neha says:

    WHY DID I READ THIS JUst now it’s so goood

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    1. Rev says:


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  3. dq.. says:

    really detailed and interesting, and a sequel would be nice.

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  4. pastelorchid says:

    Ooh! How dark and mysterious…I loved it!<3

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  5. moi.trois says:

    I can’t fiction for nuts and I am so envious of you right now. Teach me! :O


  6. BambooChewer says:

    This is SO good! Your work is stunning tbh, follow from me (:

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    1. Thanks for the follow aw 🙂

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  7. JagsOnline says:

    This was honestly so good! I love the mystery at the end but I need to know more! You definitely have to do a sequel for this or I might actually die. You’re a really good writer, so don’t stop because it really is amazing.
    Jags xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much 🙂
      I’m actually working on a sequel right now, so yay!

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  8. Evie says:

    I NEED to know what happens!!!! 🙂

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    1. Haha glad to see positive response on this! I will 100% think about posting a sequel soon

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      1. Evie says:

        yay! 🙂


  9. aliceboyd713 says:

    Oh, wow! You are a really amazing writer!! I loved it!


  10. AAGH THIS IS SO GOOD! No seriously, you are so good at writing fiction! I definitely want a part 2, let me know when you write it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God thank you so so much!!!! I sure will let you know 🙂


      1. Yay, thankyou! xx


  11. Tiffany Randall says:

    This was really good. Have you finished the rest yet? I need to know if the crazy woman shot this guy or was he playing her when he “dropped” his gun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha and the mystery remains….

      (no but seriously I’ll see the response on this and then decide a sequel, so fingers crossed!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tiffany Randall says:

        Crossed! I’m excited!

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