This Is Forever.

4th grade, 10 girls, same production.

Each had their own friends, none were acquainted with all 8.
They chose a song to dance on, awkwardly shuffling next to each other as the teacher ordered them around. They wanted to be with their friends, but the positions were such that none were next to their friends. They were forced to spend weeks together, dancing and talking. Being barely 8 years old, they quickly got very comfortable around each other. Next thing you know, all 10 were invited to each other’s birthday parties.

They became inseparable. They believed in forever.

8th grade, 10 girls, different classes.

By now, the school had identified them as the troublemakers. All of  them were separated from one another. It was expected that their bond would break, but that did not happen. The 10 were still best friends, still invited to all birthday parties, still inseparable. There were no secrets, no new people. Just the same 10 girls as there were in that 4th grade production.

But 2 had to leave, and then there were only 8. One stayed in contact, one not so much. That’s when they realized that nothing can last forever.

10th grade, 8 girls, best friends.

All of them were so different, yet so fundamentally similar. They were relaxed around one another, supportive of one another. They had engaging conversations and comfortable silences. They were best friends. They thought that they were inseparable, but now they  had been introduced to the idea that nothing can last forever. And whenever the thought came up that one day, they’d be living individual lives, it was quickly shut down.

But they knew that nothing could last forever.

12th grade, 8 girls, end of the year.

That year was brilliant. It was the best time of their lives. They were young and reckless, having fun with no bounds. They helped each other study and also helped each other unwind. These were the same girls who were forced together in 4th grade, who were now, 8 years later, impossible to separate. And as each day passed, the daunting thought that it was time for them to go their own ways pressed harder on all of them, and they knew nothing could last forever.
Their last day together was met by a lot of fun, tears and laughter. Before they went their different ways, they promised to meet up every month.

But the promise didn’t make it far. One month become 3 months. 3 months became a year. A year became 3 years. The 8 girls who met in the 4th grade production were so busy and so far away from each other, they  were finally separated.

In their hearts they knew this would happen, because nothing could last forever.

4 years after 12th grade, 8 girls, one place.

Finally, after so long, they managed to meet up despite their busy schedules and hectic lives. 4 years was a long time, and they all thought that nothing could last forever, but their friendship did. They were still the same people they were all those years ago in school. To them, it didn’t feel like 4 years later. It felt normal, like coming back to school after a weekend. There was no awkwardness, no uncomfortable interactions. It was very smooth, like nothing was different, because nothing really was. They still had engaging conversations and comfortable silences. It was the fun and filled with laughter and talk. It was the best day of their lives.

To the 8 girls, it felt like coming home. It was warm and welcoming and no different.

12 years, 8 girls, 1 indestructible bond, best friends.

They thought nothing could last forever, but they were proven wrong.

They lasted forever. Their friendship lasted forever.

I don’t know why I’ve been posting so much about friendship
Maybe because this might be the last year for my friends and me to be together.
I’m gonna miss them so much :/

~Going back to my perfect reverie


8 thoughts on “This Is Forever.

  1. This is such a lovely well written post! I don’t want to clog up all your feed with my comments, so I am going to put it all in here!
    I absolutely love your content to much, it is all really original and well written! It looks like you spend a lot of time on your posts, and there are little flecks of your personality that shine through the posts that you have written, as it I can hear you speaking to me?! (does that make sense?!)
    If you want something to improve on, maybe add a few pictures to your posts, you might do already but the ones I read had no photos, and for your layout, it is really cute! One piece of advice on the layout, maybe make that first main header image a bit more colourful because it kinda seems a bit dark but you don’t have to!
    I hope this wasn’t to long and yeah, the improvements were only really really small things, but overall I love your blog! I hae=ve just followed 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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