NEVER EVER take sides

Don’t you absolutely HATE it when your friend takes sides?
I do. It’s terrible and completely unfair.
Piece of advice: NEVER EVER take sides between two friends. It destroys the friendship forever


Okay let’s get one thing straight. A friend should NEVER EVER get in between two friends’ fights.

Before I start this, I’m gonna name the people mentioned here. So let the two friends fighting be N and P. The one who’s friends with both is going to be called O.

N, O and P are best friends, but for some reasons N and P get into a huge fight and stop talking to each other. Now, being close to both N and P, O should’ve logically tried to resolve the fight, smooth things out. He should’ve talked sense into both of them. What he shouldn’t have done is take sides with one against the other. That would be stupid and irrational and friendship-breaking.

Except that is exactly what O did. He took sides with P and then all of a sudden P was right and N was wrong (while in reality both of them were being ridiculously childish).

Now O and P together decide to hate N. N is vermin, something not worth looking at. N on the other hand has no idea what’s happening. Instead of potentially losing one friend, she most probably lost two. All because O decided to take sides. Obviously being a teenager, she fights back on O too. Ridiculous, I know right?

Taking sides on a football game is okay. Taking sides to protect your fandom is okay. But taking sides to attack a friend is not okay. It is rude and unacceptable. I have been in the middle of many friend-fights and never have I ever taken sides. I’ve tried to see both sides, make sense of it all. But I’ve never deemed one right over the other.

And it’s simple heartbreaking when one of my really really close friends decides to take sides with another really close friend ALL BECAUSE OF A STUPID FIGHT.

This stupidity can have two possible outcomes:
1. N finds new best friends and moves on.
2. N and P make up and resolve their fight (because their teenagers, come on) but N and O never manage to get back because O betrayed N, and betrayal is clearly unforgivable.

Personally, I’m hoping the second outcome happens because O should know what he did was wrong. Because once N and P are best friends again, O will be the odd one out, the betrayer.

(okay I just read this through again and I’ve used ‘stupid’ wayy too much.)

Does this post even make any sense? I don’t know, I just had to get it out there.
But to some extent, don’t you agree? I mean what kind of true friend takes SIDES in a fight? Ugh. People. *rolls eyes*

~Going back to my perfect reverie xx

4 thoughts on “NEVER EVER take sides

  1. Nice one.😊 I am having the same situation in my life ,just that my O will not take the risk of losing her frnd for anything.😉Don’t take things like this to your heart, for life is like this.

    Lemme guess the story is in N’s point of view right??☺

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