She was stuck. She was scared, afraid of what the next chapter held.

She saw her life like a novel made up of small stories woven together. Each story was a chapter and up until now, every chapter had begun with a “once upon a time” and ended with a gleeful “happily ever after.”

The stories themselves had twists and turns and were not always completely joyous. They had their ups and downs, but always, always ended happily ever after.

Like that time she learnt to ride a bike! At first she was excited to learn, jumping around, begging her father to teach her. But as the lessons started, she fell down. She fell down again and again. Though she scraped her knees and elbows, she never gave up, and that’s what made her the best six year old biker in the neighborhood.

See? Happy ending.

Instances like this encouraged her to move on to the next chapter in this novel called “Life.”

After finishing one story, she would eagerly flip the page to begin the new story, never missing a beat.

She lived a happy, continuous life, always moving forward.

Or so it was until one day, she stopped. She did not turn the page.

The reason behind this was that that day, a story ended in heartbreak. Until that day, her stories never ended in heartbreak or dejection. Until that day, her stories had always ended on a happy note.

She sat there for a long time, staring at the terrible ending of a story. For the first time, tears sprang up in her eyes while reading the end of a chapter.

Chapters were always supposed to end happily ever after. What had she done wrong that this time it didn’t?

She read and reread that chapter, finding something that would suggest happiness, but all was dark, and she was stuck there, unable to move on to the next chapter.

She began to live in the past, in the happy bubble of “once upon a time”s and “happily ever after”s . Her life was stagnant, stuck.

Until there came a day when she realized that not everything in life will be happy. Sometimes chapters need to end in melancholy for you to learn and move on. Sadness and heartbreak is inevitable. The real test is for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and grow. Like how she didn’t give up even after falling off the bike multiple times.

Realizing this, she was able to pull herself out of the bubble and accept the ending of the previous chapter. Life was a novel, and it had to be completed.

She took a deep breath and turned the page.



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